You rock, Joe!

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You rock, Joe!

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Hey Joe,
I've been reading TG fiction for like 3 years now. I've read every story with images on fictionmania at least twice and I discovered that you were the best author by far. I just now figured out that you had this site. I might buy some books in the future depending on how nosey my roommates are as far as delivered packages. Just wanted to let you know that you've got some huge fans and please don't stop making net fiction any time soon. You're the best 8)
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Yes. I am a rocker. I rock out.
Brenda Big Tits

Please come back -- you rock!

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We love you Joe -- you do rock!

Please come back... we need you! And please, please, please keep working away. Your silent audience is waiting diligently for the return of your genius.

All the best,


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