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stolen material

Post by eddiegorey »

Hey Joe. There's this pay site called Real Forced Womanhood, and on there they have a collection of tg related pictures and stuff. They have a selection of your Archie comic on the site with no credit to you. Do you know about it? Since it's a pay site I would think that you should get a cut.
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Post by joe »

Well, I'm not happy to hear it's on a pay site, but there's nothing to be done about it.

In order to avoid any legal problems, my little disclaimer refutes any ownership of the work by myself. That way if the Archie people ever come calling, I can just say hat i don't own it, I don't charge for it, and I don't get any monetary benefit from it.

But hey, if Archie Comics wants to sue this pay site, have at them!
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