Brand newbie saying "Hey"

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Brand newbie saying "Hey"

Post by TheDeeMan »

Hello everyone. I'm TheDeeMan aka "Dee". I heard about this site from Great Sage who posted about it on the TG Comics forum. Looks like a great place. :)

If you're out there Sage--Howdie. LOL! :)

Great Sage
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Re: Brand newbie saying "Hey"

Post by Great Sage »

Hey there Dee, So how's things going with The Continentals (shameless plug for Dee's web comic :)),
Yeah there is plenty to do here but I am afraid the forum is somewhat less active than the one we're used to over at TGC - I'd try harder to spark some interest in this forum but shouting into the Silence just ends up with me having a sore throat :).

I do try hard to let people know about this site though - it was the first TG fiction site I came across - due to a strange chain of events - and I think it is something a bit special, kind of like your first love you know?
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