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From a weekly anthology series in Japan, comes “The Shower of Strange Beauty.” It follows the story of a man who’s working at a gentleman’s club in Japan. The club employs crossdressing men as hostesses, which is what he dreams of doing. Unfortunately, the poor man is large, overweight and very male. He doesn’t make for a very convincing woman. He’s picked on and taken advantage of by the more successful crossdressers in the club. If only he could climb to the top of the earnings chart – but how?

Then, one night, emptying the trash, he meets an old woman who sells him a mysterious object. When he uses it, he becomes more feminine. He then does better at work. Then, he meets the woman again, and buys another object, and becomes even more feminine. Ultimately, he gets what’s he’s been dreaming of – but could his jealousy and vanity drive him to go too far?

Animated. In Japanese. Produced in 2008 for Japanese television.

“The Shower of Strange Beauty”



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