By Pink Bra

The Magic Sisters

By Pink Bra

Samuel walked into his older sister's room and dove straight into her lingerie drawer. This was his secret pleasure. He loved nabbing her underwear and then using it for his own personal masturbatory pleasure. Unfortunately, this would be the last pair of panties he ever stole from his sister. As he reached in and pulled out a pair a pretty pink delight, he heard his sister, Alexandria, from behind him.

"Caught you pink handed, you little freak-pervert!"

Sam, in embarrassed disbelief, denied it, even though he knew he was caught.

"What are you talking about, you stupid bitch, I was just looking for some cigarettes - I know you hide them somewhere."

"Whatever, Sam, I know you've been watching me shower and I know my panty supply has been slowly dwindling. And besides, I don't smoke."

"You can't prove shit, Alex! Now, let me be on my way," said Sam as he unclenched his hand from a pink pair of his sister's panties and withdrew his hand from her drawer.

"All you have to do is tell me the truth, Sam - have you been being a complete pervert for your own sister."

"What are you on about?"

"I've enchanted my underwear, Sam - I've been learning the ancient art of witchcraft. I'm afraid I have you at a disadvantage. Now that you've touched my panties, for every lie you tell, something terrible will happen. The bigger the lie, the worse its going to be for you. Why, look at your hand, you can already see the results!" said Alex as she giggled.

"This is some kind of trick - I probably just scraped my finger nails against some nail-polish you spilled in your drawers," said Sam as he tried to run out the nail polish.

"That isn't going to work - you need to remover. Now, I was prepared to be patient with you, but I'm only going to give you one more chance to come clean. Maybe then I'll be lenient with you, brother o' mine," said Alexandria menacingly.

"What are you on about," said Sam, furiously trying to rub out the polish, still.

"Have you been spying on me showering? Have you been steeling my panties?"

"Never - you disgust me, you gross bitch - now leave me alone already."

"That's the final straw, Sam. Now that you've touched the panties and activated the spell, I can freely complete the transportation with amazing speed," said Alex as she whipped out a petite wand and waved it at Sam.

"What the - ," yelped Sam as he felt the changes begin.

"You like girl's underwear so much? How bout we outfit you with a body that could use them!"

And just like that Sam's body started the transformation. First he had a strange feeling. It then became more intense as he felt himself get smaller and shrink.

A tingling sensation was apparent at his groin, chest and hips.

And before he knew it, he'd become a woman.

"What!? This is some kind of dream!"

"It's no dream, my dear brother. Or should I say sister. You should get used to that, Samantha, my little sister. Well, actually, certain parts aren't so little, are they?"

"I feel so - tight!" said Sam, pulling at his stretched out underwear.

"Here, let me help you with that, Samantha," said Alex as she waved her wand. Samantha's boy's underwear began to take the shape of a nice pink teddy!

"What the hell!" said Sam in his new feminine voice, "This feels so wrong!"

"Sorry, Samantha, but in a few minutes, it's going to feel right. The brain takes longer to change from Magic than the body does. You'll remember being a boy, but you'll soon thank me for helping you change into your true self!"

"Never, I'm a guy. I'm going to figure this out, learn magic and get my way out of this. You're going to pay, dear sister! You're - oooh, this teddy is adorable, Alex! How did you know I'd like it!"

"You're a sucker for pink underwear, Samantha!"

"What's this? You have such nice lingerie! Do you mind if I borrow a set of bra and panties? I feel so jiggly! I'd like to strap these wonderful breasts of mine down!"

"No problem, Samantha, take what you need. We are sisters after all"

"Thanks!" said the new and improved Samantha as she expertly removed her new teddy and dressed in a matching pair of bra and panties. She also borrowed some stockings.

"You've got the hang of this quick, Samantha!"

"Thanks again - oh, what do you think mom will say!?"

"Don't worry, if it wasn't for her, I'd be stuck as Alex not Alexandria. I don't think she'd mind having two daughters now instead of two boys."

"I don't remember you ever being a boy!"

"You were young so we were able to alter your memory, but when I was thirteen, mom caught me wearing one of her fancy lingerie sets, so she had to punish me with her magic!"

"Thank god for magic! Oh, btw, can I borrow these tampons? I think its almost my time of the month! I can't wait to try these out!"

"No, problem! What are sisters for?!"

The End.

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