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The Pet Sitter


Full-Color Comic Book
by Joe Six-Pack

Story & Art by Joe Six-pack

Poor Jim is easily talked into looking after the pet fish of his neighbor. Why? Because his neighbor is Swedish supermodel Hannah Lingstrom, and he’s powerless to resist her substantial charms.

So while she’s out frolicking in Hawaii with her boyfriend, Jim looks after Goldie the goldfish. Well, he finds Goldie in a state of neglect and decides to do the right thing and clean up the fish’s surroundings and fishtank.

Then, oddly, Jim is forced out of his apartment due to an accident. He’s forced by circumstance to move in to the only other place he can - Hannah’s penthouse.

So as time goes on, Jim finds himself having to live in Hannah’s place, and eating her food. He also finds it necessary to try and find something of hers he can wear. 

From there, Jim undergoes a mysterious but definite progression from one end of the gender spectrum to the other. 

But what does that is have to do with goldfish? Surely nothing, right?

A full-length, full-color, hand-drawn, slow-transform TG comic book!

Add “Making Friends” for just $9! That’s 67 pages for $21.95!

Rated "PG" for sexual content.


• Slow Change

• Process Transformation

• Total Male to Female

• Identity Loss

Comic. 29 pages.

• 160+ panels in color

• Instantly downloadable PDF for $12.95

• PDF edition with no copy protection

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