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A “Tales of Transformation” Story

Holiday Treats Series

The last in the Holiday Treats series is the story of Buck Garber, a 19 year old teen who’s drifting through life. He’s had to live with his aunt after his mother’s untimely death, and he can’t stand his socialite Beverly Hills aunt Angelika at all. Angelika can’t stand him either, and is worried he’s going to get in the way of her impending marriage. Her gold-digging ways have landed her a multi-millionaire fiancée, Gregory Kane, and she can’t wait for him to give her a date for their wedding.

However, on New Years’ Eve, at the big gala for Gregory’s business, things are about to take a drastic turn.

As Buck greedily shovels free food down his throat and his aunt networks in the crowd, a magician comes on stage to entertain the large gathering of employees and business partners. Before they even know it, Angelika and Buck are brought up out of the audience to participate in a hypnosis act.

In the act, they reveal their resolutions for the year ahead. Angelika wants to teach her nephew a lesson or two. Buck wants to prove to the imperious Angelika that he can do anything she can do, but better. Neither is aware that they are commanded through hypnosis to achieve their New Years’ resolutions, and help each other to see them through.

Now forced against their will to accomplish their resolutions, Buck is forced to be better than his aunt, and become a better woman she is, and his aunt is forced to teach him how.

The fifth and final book in the series. Also a part of the Holiday Treats Bundle.

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Ruined by Resolutions


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Rated “X” for sexual depictions


• Slow Change

• Hypnosis

• Feminization

• Age Progression

• Explicit sex

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