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by Melissa N.

Color Illustrations by Joe Six-Pack

A "Tales of Transformation" Story

Dan is a nice guy. A feeling, caring man who is a prize catch for Natalie, his girlfriend. Natalie is head over heels in love with him, but one thing keeps her from making it a permanent thing.

Years ago, her mother abandoned her, leaving her to fend for herself and to look after her much younger sister, Emily. Natalie swore she would never let anything hurt Emily ever again.

But Emily needs help. She’s depressed and a loner, and despite being an attractive young woman in her teenage years, she’s a shut-in.

If only Natalie could bring the real Emily out. She gets that opportunity when an experimental drug falls into her lap. Using it, she can temorarily take years off someone’s appearance.

She asks Dan to take it, and go undercover as the teen friend Emily needs to open up. So, as “Kevin,” Dan helps her meet people and start a social life.

Problem is, that the drug was experimental. The effects of the drug start to snowball, and soon, Dan is losing a lot more than years.

It doesn’t help that Natalie is so excited to have Emily as a normally adjusted teenager, she can’t let Dan return to normal. In fact, she would much rather have Dan remain Emily’s friend. Or better yet, her sister.

From Melissa N., author of several illustrated stories on DeviantArt, and featuring 24 brand new illustrations by Joe Six-Pack.


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From Mister to Sister


Rated "R" for sexual content


• Slow Change

• Shopping & Salons

• Drug Change

• Age Regression

• Coerced Feminization

• Mind Control

Book. 84 pages.

• 24 illustrations in color

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