by Joe Six-Pack

Color Illustrations by Joe Six-Pack

A "Tales of Transformation" Story

River was moving from southern California to the midwest, to a small town and a small school. As most kids do, he was working hard to adjust to his new school. What he didn’t know what that there were other forces at work to make his adjustments easier - and for more severe than anyone could ever guess.

But it isn’t just River who’s experiencing changes. There’s the new teacher, the wrestler, the bookworm, the African-American kid... It’s a whole school full of odd changes.

As the days go on, more and more students find themselves making strange choices in how they behave, how they dress, and how they see themselves.

Who’s behind it, and why? Can they be stopped? River finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy that seems to be getting bigger by the minute. Can he bring it down and save his fellow students? Or will he be forced to be just another entry in the Chronicles of Crosley High?

This book contains 65,000 words and a mammoth 75 illustrations to show over ten transformations.

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Crosley High Chronicles


Rated "R" for adult


• Slow Change

• Character Change

• Surgery

• Mind Control

• Age Regression

• Race Change

Book. 217 pages.

• 75 illustrations in color

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