I Never Wanted to be a Woman / Politically Corrected

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I Never Wanted to be a Woman / Politically Corrected

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This is the spot for feedback & reviews of "Politically Corrected," by Cheryl Lynn. No spoilers please!
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Re: I Never Wanted to be a Woman / Politically Corrected

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Seeing as the basic premise of the story could be in the modern day, I appreciate that Cheryl Lynn chose to set this in the 70s. In addition to seeing the transformation play out in front of a different social/cultural background, we also get to see different fashion in the pictures. The illustrations in this book are some of the best that I've seen from SPP, the shading was especially nice. The faces on the illustration on page 45 a bit off, though. Maybe something with the noses.
It was good that the author included the development of MJ's mental development, although at the same time I didn't feel like it went anywhere other than MJ's natural mind resisting, but the potion/programming overruling his internal objections. It would have been a dramatic touch to see a moment where he "broke free" from the programming, even for a page or two. By the end, it seemed as though the "soul" of MJ was still there, and he ends up a prisoner in his own body, never a peace with his transformation. For some people, that's thrilling, but for me, it was heartbreaking.
I'm personally not the biggest fan of SPP's "Crossed Fiction" line (because, although clothes/fashion is on some level interesting to me, I particularly enjoy stories that focus on the physical aspect of the transformation), but if that's your thing, then I would highly recommend this book. The writing and illustrations are a fine example of the high quality that Sick Puppy Press has to offer.
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