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Snuggle Bunny

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Dear Joe-
I am fairly certain I am posting in the wrong forum. Indulge me.

My copy of Snuggle Bunny says it is "by Sarah Brandt"

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"Snuggle Bunny" was publicly posted (anonymously) sometime around 1994. It was written earlier than that, likely posted to Mindy's Sierra Connection BBS.

A longer version, attributed to Sarah Brandt, appears in 1998. A sequel came about in "Snuggle Bunny 2" in 2000. Both are posted to Nifty, Fictionmania and Sapphire's Place.

For reasons of personal taste, I never liked the continuations as much as the original part. I think it ends at just the right spot. So that's the version I've posted. It may be that Sarah Brandt is the original author of it, but all I'm doing is staying true to the version I liked most.
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