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Other sites

Post by dmt229 »

Hey guys. Tg comics and tg stories have new stories coming out just about every week instead of months in between stories. You need to switch over to them
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Re: Other sites

Post by Nicho »

Hey that's not fair, Joe has been promising me a new story every month since the last story came out.


1.tgCOMICS <--not really the same thing as what seems to mostly be a storysite is it,
or at least a site with stories and comics. Also the quality on stories that tgcomics
is selling is very low. Mostly crazy sci-fi. *EDIT: And only comics lol.

2. tgstories <-- It's like 25 dollars a month isn't it? And the stories on average aren't
of that high quality. But what annoyed me the MOST, was that they have no way of
searching for stories or authors whatever. Just like loads of pages with stories, no
search function what so ever, no searches for certain types of stories, nothing.
Site crashes all the time, and sometimes is never up.

3. Reluctant Press <-- I guess similar to Joes site, but the illustrations have been very bad lately,
and they aren't even close in the numbers of illustrations Joe has. Alsoo Joes stories are longer.
Quantity and quality wise I get more story for my money.

4. Lustomic <--Another comic site, severely overpriced, never less than a dollar a page.

Then there are a lot of free sites

5. Fictionmania <---has some great stories, it's size and functions makes it easy to navigate. Joe should
find some talent here. No illustrations though. Great site.

6. Nifty transgender archives <-- pretty much dead these days, got some good old stories

7. Crystals site another dead site <--some old stories that are good

8. tgstorysite <--isn't this one somehow run buy Joe? Got new stories though that are good, I like BC08 the most I think

(The numbers doesn't indicate any sort of ranking, I am just listing alternatives).

Then we have Joes site, which in my mind isn't overpriced, the only disappointment I had so far has been stories stating
a certain number of pages and then some pages only have a few sentences.

And then ofc the greatest disappointment of all, that Blondie's Lost Summer doesn't have a sequel.

But generally good stories, good illustrations, and not to expensive (though even I think Joe would probably sell more if the price was less,
but it's his business model).

So in my mind Joes site is probably the best site out there now for transgender stories.

Please though Joe, less mind control. And yes, maybe more sex like some people said.
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