City Boy, Country Girl

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City Boy, Country Girl

Post by joe »

This is the place to comment on Joe's story published through Sick Puppy Press.

City Boy, Country Girl
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Anne Oni Mouse
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Cruelly interesting

Post by Anne Oni Mouse »

Thank you for another excellent story, well worth the wait. Janice was really quite the bitch at the start, and from that point of view you could see why Richard might at first stay away.

I think you had the story well written as Richard was just doing a good deed at first, but obviously was just the simple mug whose path was defined right from the start of his visit. Janice was really just too busy being a career girl to be interested in her husband's family problems. When she finally put her marriage first it was too late and the die was cast.

There are a lot of people around the world who would give their right arm for some of that stew, or maybe another body part.

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Another great one

Post by eddiegorey »

Hey Joe. You are my favorite author and this is another excellent story to add to your collection. I must admit though, that this is not my favorite. The plot was well written and constructed, but really wasn't my interest. I love the age regression but the whole small town thing is not really my cup of tea.

My only real complaint is the images. These are usually the highlight of your stories and although the drawings were as good as ever, the content was kind of dull. I was so excited when I saw that this story had 25 images in it, but many of the images were of Janice/Flo, Jeter, and even a map. I think it would be far better if you directed your artistic talent towards the main transformation of the story. The Richard/Katie images were excellent but I didn't care at all about the others.

That being said, you are the most consistently great writer on the internet. If I had to rate this story compared to other Joe Six-pack stories, I'd give it a 5/10, but if I rated it against all the other stuff on the internet it would be a 9/10. It just doesn't quite measure up to your classics like "The Confident", "A Little too Clever", "The Golden Palace", and "Shisutaabooi." Please don't let my complaints or anyone elses discourage you from writing.

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Re: City Boy, Country Girl

Post by hugo »

This is one of my favorite "classic" Sick Puppy Press Stories. Joe, do you have any plans on revamping the illustrations on this one like you've done with a few of the other older stories?

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