Fated for Femininity/Signed, Sealed & Sissied

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Fated for Femininity/Signed, Sealed & Sissied

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Here's the place for any feedback on KK's "Fated for Femininity." No spoilers, please!


Re: Fated for Femininity/Signed, Sealed & Sissied

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I liked this story. It reminded me of "Set Up by My Sister" by BC08 which, IMHO, is a much better story that is available for free on TG Storytime at

Of course, that story didn't have wonderful illustrations like this one. I particularly loved the one of Ella being met by her Mother and Sister at the train station on page 53. Ella looks like a beautiful, radiant, natural young woman. I also liked the last one in the blue pinafore and white stockings, even though I think Ella looks better as a brunette.

While "Fated For Femininity" certainly deserved its "X" rating, the sex scenes left me wanting. The ones where Evan/Ella enjoyed sex with Celia and later with Sarah were too short. Since the reader identifies with the protagonist, there should have been more details of how Evan/Ella enjoyed the experience and his/her feelings as things were done to him/her. Also, the story really didn't explain how and why Evan eventually accepted his fate. If there had been more details of how he enjoyed dressing in feminine attire, how he was turned on by the feel of the underwear, and how he came to enjoy having his breasts fondled and his anus penetrated, then the story would have made more sense. Instead, I get the feeling that he eventually became Sissy Ella because he felt he had no other choice and couldn't go back to being a boy again. I truly hope that there are not women like Doria and Sarah in real life.


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