TG Site Annual Meltdown: 2010 Edition

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TG Site Annual Meltdown: 2010 Edition

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Once again, Fictionmania and StorySite forum posters have propagated an all-out meltdown. I remember when we used to call them flame wars. That was back in '95. Then again in 96. And in 97. Then 98, then 99, then...

What I've understood a TG story website is supposed to be is an all-welcome, no-questions, all-inclusive place for TG fans to allow themselves a little comfort.

I've read probably hundreds of TG stories that made me sick. Stuff that starts out nice and then takes some dark turns. That's just part of the deal. TG fiction is dealing with sexual fantasy by it's very nature, and everyone has their own tastes. If you haven't been offended by TG fiction, you haven't read TG fiction.

If someone writes something I find sick or offensive, I place it aside and move on. I peeked inside someone's mind and didn't like what I saw. I close the door and walk away. I've never felt comfortable criticizing someone's values. I can tell you if a story has been written well or written badly, and that's all I feel competent to talk about. (Barely competent, at that.)

Only when someone's behavior becomes harmful to others do I really worry about it.

Sometimes, I'm very grateful to preside over a dead forum.


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