Please Help keep Ogame Alive!!! And Joe I love you!!!

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Please Help keep Ogame Alive!!! And Joe I love you!!!

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Guyz were all one fo a kind. Joe I love you to. Im looking for places to post this and ask for help Figured here wouldnt hurt!! so please dont close my thread^^

Guys I realy Need your help. I play a free MMORPG called Ogame. Its a space Empire simulation game, that is real Time. It takes forever to get started and alot of players are leaving the game because of it. On my server univ 1 we are down to 4 thousand players. I would like to ask all of you to help

Please go to and Creat an account in Univ 1. Then just varrify your email adress. you do that in options. After that go to Alliance Search for TGA (training ground academy) and apply, Tell them saint sent you. They will give you start up resources and teach you how to play

Please come Play ogame. We realy need more people. and If you dont want to play.
Then please pass the messages on to someone else!!! Its a great game

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