Why do the books have two titles?

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Why do the books have two titles?

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Hi everyone,
I have a question for Joe that has been puzzling me for years. Why do the Sick Puppy books have two titles? Just curious as some of the titles are straightforward, and others are files that have no corresponding relation to either title. I have seen this both on purchases from Sixpacksite as well as Lulu.
Thanks for the site, and for the tales.
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Re: Why do the books have two titles?

Post by joe »

Well, sometimes the story title isn't very good at selling a book. I like to keep the writer's story title, because it's something that authors do work hard on. But as a publisher, I want a headline that can really grab people's attention and get to the heart of what the book is about. For instance, "Corey Taylor's Big Bodacious Adventure" was a good title, but said nothing about the content of the book. So instead I headlined it as "He's a Valley Girl Fer Sure" so people would immediately get an idea of what the book was about. "His Life as a Trophy Wife" is an intriguing concept for a TG fan, but it's actual title, "The Puppy Mill" is an obscure reference that would either confuse or mis-direct a book buyer. "This story has nothing to do with puppies!"

That's why there are two "titles" sometimes. Although I consider the big text on the cover to be a "headline" and the book title to be the author's original title. (Although I have screwed that up from time to time.)

As for the file name of the book, it's just the book number and a date so I can keep any revisions straight when I upload the files to the store.

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