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D+X Institute

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We would appreciate a link from your forum and we are happy to reciprocate putting a link on our Forum to yours.

We are a non commercial transgender role playing forum with 1300 members.

We had over 8000 members but a year ago our founder and benefactor - Mr Excalibur-J passed away and we lost the site.

Such was the spirit of the community that we rebuilt from scratch and reopened a month later but with a different domain so we lost lots of members..

Here is the link.


And here is a brief description of what it is about
Welcome to The D+X Institute.

We're a fictional organization whose business is turning males into attractive, sensual females. Often quite unwillingly.

While full of elements of role-playing, it's truly write-your-own interactive fiction with choices not limited by an author's pre-programmed options, but by game-world rules and your character's nature.

Come on into the forum and look around. Especially check out the forum What's All This? Then jump on in.

Participation is FREE. No ads or redirects. But registration is required.

WARNING!!! This is grown-up stuff. You MUST be an adult to access or participate. No pedophilia, incest, or bestiality is allowed.

Welcome. And have fun!

- The D+X Institute Staff


If you need any more information or wish to discuss further my email is


Thank you

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