Boy Alice in Wonderland


The oddest Japanese manga you’ll ever love. Arisu is a young man who boards the wrong bus one morning, and it takes him right into a world expecting a girl named Alice.

Learning my lesson from my aborted "Pretty Face" translation, I decided this time to take advantage of the community of manga and TG fans out there and scanned in the series known as "Boy Alice in Wonderland."

I had done a logo, and even worked on some artwork, when I thought I was making the same mistakes I had made in trying "Pretty Face." So, I posted what I had scanned on the internet, and wouldn't you know it, those scans then became a "scanlation" project. Lots of people made comments on how bad my cans were, but at least it got translated!

Much thanks goes to the folks behind "Desert Bus Translations" (nice Penn & Teller reference there, I might add.) The link to their posts has long since expired, but the internet archive version is here.

Oh. What "Boy Alice in Wonderland" is, is a story about a young man named "Arisu" who finds himself falling into a dimension based on imagination. Unfortunately, his name is close enough to "Alice" that when he meets characters based on "Alice in Wonderland," he is assumed to be that very same Alice.

And it doesn't help that he slowly turns into a girl as he spends more and more time in other dimensions. A nasty side effect of living in a dimension based on your imagination.

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