By Pink Bra


By Pink Bra

Adam closed the internet window on his computer in frustration. He had decided to take a year off from college but wanted to get a job so he could finance some trips he wanted to make. There were plenty of jobs that offered decent pay, but they involved physical labour. Adam, being a tad on the metro sexual side, wanted employment that suited his masculine but fragile physique. Instead of wasting the rest of his day looking for a job that suited his needs, he decided to call his best friend Julie and hang out with her instead. Maybe time away from the computer and the old resume grind would do him good, he thought.

Adam and Julie met in front of the coffee shop they were scheduled to rendezvous at and gave each other a big hug. They exchanged pleasantries and entered the coffee house for a relaxing break. Julie was a very beautiful red headed girl and Adam admired her uniform from the women's clothing store she worked at.

"So, Adam, have you found that high paying, yet not too strenuous job yet?"

"Not, quite," said Adam in frustration.

"Well, I have good news and I have bad news," giggled Julie.

"You have a lead for me?"

"Well, my boss is looking for someone for the shop, but you do know where I work right?"

"Yeah, an upscale woman's clothing store! Isn't it called 'La Petite Femme' or something? What would your boss want with a man there?"

"Well, remember that one time you came to pick me up and you met her?"


"Well, she liked your style, and Sophie left last week, and she'd like to replace her with someone different. She's fed up with all the women and only women we have there and she thought a man with your style would be a welcome addition. You know - a change of pace. Someone to help lift the occasional box of bras."

"Well - "

"They pay great!"

"But I don't know a thing about women's clothes, Julie!"

"Oh, you don't?"

"Julie, you only know I dressed up once for Halloween. That doesn't count."

"Oh, poo - you know I'm kidding. You looked so good in that cocktail dress."

"Whatever - I can make anything look good. What else will I be doing at the store if I get hired?"

"You'll mostly be working the cash and lifting the occasional, light panty box - you don't need to know much and we can always teach you."

"Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to at least talk to your boss - what are her details?"

And with that, Julie gave Adam Ms. McCoy's name and phone number. They parted ways for the day. Adam went home and immediately set an appointment to meet with the shop's proprietress, Ms McCoy. Ms McCoy had decided to meet with Adam first thing in the morning.

That next morning, Adam met with Ms. Gertrude McCoy, a petite woman. Older, but well preserved and beautiful. With a mountain of hair cascading from her head, she observed Adam through her two way mirror was he waited in the store. Adam noticed a well dressed mannequin and admired it. He slid his fingers along the garment and admired the feeling. Meanwhile, Gertrude walked up beside Adam.

"Good morning, Adam! It's a pleasure to meet you again. Please, have a seat in my office," said Ms McCoy as she shook Adam's hand and gestured to her plush office guest chair.

"Nice to meet you again, Ms McCoy! Thank you for seeing me so soon!"

"No worries, Adam, but please, call me Gerty, short for Gertrude."

"Alright, Gerty," said Adam happily.

"Now, before we start, I just need to know if you have an open mind about things. I mean, you will be working in a women's clothing store, after all."

"I'm pretty liberal, Gerty - well, I like to think so, anyways."

"Nice to hear, Adam. A liberal attitude is a hallmark of any modern woman's personal attire. Well, in your case, a strapping you man's."

From that moment on, the interview went splendidly. The very next day, Adam received a call from Gertrude's secretary, Stacey, informing Adam that he had the job and he was to come that day for a uniform fitting.

Stacey, a rail-thin woman with large breasts, took Adam's measurements and then rummaged in storage for a few minutes.

She returned with a small pile of folded clothing. A pair of dark blue pants, a sharp off white collared shirt, a pair of socks, a pair of black loafers and a pink pair of what appeared to be ladies panties.

"A-are those, pink panties?" asked Adam in shock.

"Oh, these? No, they are luxuriant men's alternative underwear. Everything about the uniform is mandatory and you must wear this brand of panty - I mean, underwear, at all times. We'll provide you with enough clothes to last a full work week, of course," said Stacey matter of factly.

Adam held the panties up to his face so he could inspect them. They were pink, delicate and even had an embroidered flower on them, the store's logo.

"Are you sure?" asked Adam.

"Please, you'll love them - I bought a pair for my boyfriend - they're very hip and sexy right now. And they are mandatory uniform, after all," said Stacey with a smile.

"Well, you do pay well here; I guess I can't complain, can I? And they do feel kind of nice," said Adam as he rolled his fingers in the soft fabric.

"Excellent - now get dressed so I can see if we need to make any alterations."

Adam went into the change room, removed his clothes and then looked dauntingly at the pair of delicate underwear.

"Well, I guess no job is perfect," said Adam as he slipped on the underwear. They were a bit tight in the crotch, but he tried to ignore it and completed dressing. He put on the rest of the regular men's clothing, slipped on his black loafers and re-emerged.

"All dressed?" asked Stacey as he emerged.


"All the way?" she said as she pulled back the side of his pants to check for the pink colored underwear, "Good! - We take our uniforms very seriously here Adam, and as I can see, you're a team player! Ms McCoy will be pleased to hear you're a team player!"

Just then, Gertrude stepped into the fitting area and complimented Adam on the fit.

"You wear those clothes well, Adam - did he give you any trouble, Stacey?" Gertrude said as she directed her attention to Stacey.

"None at all. Looks like we have a model employee, Ms McCoy."

"Excellent! Show up at seven in the morning tomorrow for training, Adam - we have a lot of work do to - until tomorrow, Adam."

"Yes, ma'am," said Adam as Stacey handed him a large bag containing four more sets of his uniform. Adam left the store and met Julie at the coffee shop.

"Well, how did it go," asked Julie.

"It went fine, except for one thing," said Adam as he pulled a pair of the pink panties from his bag.

"Oh, I see, the 'alternative line' - are those mandatory for the uniform?"

"Yah, it's kind of weird."

"Don't worry, we girls have to wear the standard issue underwear too, except ours has a little bow at the back and is a g-string. You don't like them? I don't recall you complaining about that thong you wore so well last Halloween."

"Well, that's out little secret. And this full back underwear is a far cry from thong panties. I can't complain too much - its only one thing after all."

"That's the spirit - when do you officially start?"

"Tomorrow at seven in the morning."

"Great, we'll be on overlapping shifts - I'll see you tomorrow. I have to leave or I'll be late. Have a good day, Adam,' said Julie as she stood up, wearing her uniform and clicking her high heels out the door.

That evening, as Adam's mother Gwen walked into the house, she was greeted with excitement.

"I got the job, mom! I'll have some money for my trips abroad later in the year! They pay really well!"

"I got the job, mom! I'll have some money for my trips abroad later in Congratulations, but I think you're a little too excited to be working in a women's clothing store. I consider myself a liberal mom, but are you going to be happy with this?"

"Of course mom - it pays too well to complain. There's only one little thing though."

"That is?"

"Well - I guess I can show you," Adam said as he held up the delicate part of his uniform.

"Wow, underwear is a part of the uni as well?" asked Gwen.

"Don't you notice anything else?"

"Well, they are kind of pink, I guess."

"Kind of?"

"Very! Don't worry about it, Adam - I've heard of these things before - delicate undies for boys - they are men's underwear at least, right - it's not like you have to wear a thong or something."

"It's just that they are so girlie!"

"Remember what I taught you, Adam - don't let these gender barriers bog you down too much - it's not a big deal and if it is a part of your uniform, you'll have to put up with it. At least it's not as bad as those Hooters' girls' uniforms, right?"

Adam understood his mother's argument. She was a very open woman, having come out of the closet and proclaiming herself a proud lesbian five years ago. A lot of the family shunned her, but Adam was always proud of his mother's insistence to break ridiculous barriers. She was out, open, and she's never been happier. Adam decided to take a cue from his brave mother and wear the delicate underwear without raising issue. He was still a man, and a pair of panties was not going to change that. Gwen felt that if Adam wanted to wear what were obviously woman's panties, she should let him. She always felt Adam was different.

The next day, Adam came to work in full uniform and learned as much as he need about women's fashions, lingerie, support garments and even makeup. He was a little overwhelmed, but he encouraged himself by remembering the high pay. Over time, Adam became used to his overly feminine environment and even embraced it - he always seemed to get along well with other women. He enjoyed working around many beautiful women and liked his position as a jack of all trades within the store. He even got a pay raise after many of the regular customer's praised him. Two months into the job, Gertrude called him into her office for his monthly evaluation.

"Adam, you've been doing an excellent job. Everything is beyond my expectations. You know the store inside and out, made yourself familiar with all the fashions and you even rival some of the ladies in knowledge of the product. Everything is great, except I have had a few complaints from a few of our very valued customers."

"What's that?"

"Well, it's nothing that you did wrong, but they just feel that because you are man, they feel slightly awkward around you. They feel that you have no experience in being a woman, thus, how could you sell them women's clothes?"

"I guess that's a fair complaint, but they don't need to have my help. They can always go to one of the other ladies, like Julie."

"Well of course, but we here pride ourselves on our customer service and I believe I have come up with a solution. You need to be able to empathize with us women. And that's hard to do. So, I want you to modify your uniform ever so slightly."

"Like how?"

"How do I put this lightly? We need to consider adding a few feminine accents to your uniform?"

"D-dress like a girl?"

"No, not exactly, but instead of socks, I'd like you to wear thigh-high stockings and maybe some heels for one day out of your week. I don't think that's too much to ask to please the customers. Listen, I know it's a lot to ask, but you'll only have to wear them in the store."

"Do I have a choice?"

"Well, if you want to work here still, its mandatory, I'm afraid, Adam."

"I see."

"I'll let you think it over. I want you to take these. It's a pair of pumps and a pair of stockings. I'm sure you're familiar with the brands and know they are of the highest quality. Take them home, try them on, and let me know tomorrow what you think, ok?"

"Well, I guess..."

That night, Adam laid out the stockings on his bed and placed the leather heels next to them. As he did so, his mother knocked on his door and entered.

"Is something bothering you, honey? You seemed to rush upstairs rather quickly - you can be honest. Is it your work?"

"Well, it's kind of hard to say."

"Just tell me sweetie, I'm sure it can't be that bad."

Adam explained the situation to his mother.

"Well, I say go for it! It's about time a man understood what it was like to walk around in heels and wear stockings on a hot day," said Gwen, Adam's mother.


"Sure, I think it's progressive. Why, it's kind of brilliant. You do work in a women's fashion store, maybe it would be a good learning experience for you. I bet a lot of young women would find it kind of sexy, even."

"Even so, but I don't know the first thing about wearing stockings and heels, mom."

"I can teach you, Adam."

That night Gwen taught Adam how to bunch up the stockings and roll them up his legs and how to walk properly in heels without falling over. By the time Adam went to bed, he was an expert in a whole knew level of femininity. He would go into work qualified to meet Gertrude's demands. Gwen was supportive of Adam because she felt if he really didn't want to wear the women's articles of clothing, he would have quit. She was proud that her son was able to come to her about this, but also worried for him. As she left his room, a tear ran down her cheek.

The next morning, Adam rolled the stockings up his legs, dressed in the rest of his uniform and left for work. He put the heels in his shoulder bag and left for work wearing his loafers. The first thing Adam did when he entered the store that day was to put on his heels and prance into Gertrude's office proclaiming his wish to keep his job. The other women in the store knew of the situation and applauded Adam's bravery and dedication.

Another month had passed by and Adam performed above and beyond the call of duty. In fact, he even chose to wear the stockings and heels on a regular basis on the job. How much did he like them? As he minced in Gertrude's office for his monthly evaluation, the usual praise of his performance was followed by another small complaint.

"Adam, I really appreciate what you've done for the store. You've really impressed me with your dedication to women's fashions, but I have one more thing to ask of you."

"Sure, whatever you need."

"Well, although our customers appreciate your decision to wear heels and stockings, they don't feel its enough."


"Yes, which is why I need to make a change to your uniform," said Gertrude as she reached for an outfit hanging near her desk.

"What's that?" asked Adam.

"It's your new uniform. As you can see, it's only modified slightly. A few of the customers felt that your heels didn't look good with your men's slacks, so we've modified the men's uniform to contain a pair of very stylish Capri pants. As well as the pants, I've also had the tops altered as well. It's still very masculine, if you ask me," said Gertrude as she held up what looked like a fancy blouse.

"It's somewhat feminine, don't you think?"

"Of course not - it's stylish. It's in line with the pirate fad we've been having, actually. The attire the female employee's wear is feminine. They were skirts and blouses. You'll still be wearing pants, my dear. The shirt is a throw back - it's retro."

"I guess."

"Listen, I know it's a lot to ask, but take the uniform home and think it over. Also, the heels and stockings will have to be made mandatory."

"I see, Ms McCoy - I'll think it over."

"Excellent - I hope to see you tomorrow."

That night, Adam sought the advice of his mother yet again. He showed her the outfit and while she was slightly surprised, she was still supportive of her son's choice.

"Well, dear, it is a little much, but I don't think you should let this stop you. They are paying you very well and I don't think your boss is asking too much for they money they pay you."

"But, it's just that I feel kind of awkward about this."

"I know honey, but what are you going to do for money if you quit? Is the job going to be any harder? After all, its just clothes - and it's not like they're putting you into a dress. You seemed to like the heels, so why not the other clothes?"

"I guess you make a good point, mom."

"Try it on - see if you like it dear."

As Adam tried on the pants and blouse, he noticed how the pants zipped in the back and how high the waste rode up. Even the blouse had buttons in the back and was adorned with bows.

"You don't think it's too much, mom?" asked Adam.

"You look great!"

"You're not answering my question, mom."

"Well, to be honest, I don't think you have much choice if you want to continue to work there. Working for a living is all about making sacrifices. You'll have to decide for yourself. I only have one suggestion - because I can see more of your leg, I can also see your leg hair. You might want to shave it?"


"I can lend you my daisy, if you want."

"This isn't funny, mom!"

"I'm serious, take a look in the mirror."

Adam stepped up to his mirror and took a close look at his legs.

"Hmmm, it does look kind of odd - seeing the hair through the stocking. The aesthetic is definitely wrong."

"I think you would only need to shave below the knee, dear."

Adam hugged his mother wordlessly as he felt a sense of freedom and relief. With that, Gwen handed Adam her pink daisy razor and Adam went to work in the bathroom. Being no stranger to proper skin car, he drew himself a bath and proceeded to lather up his legs with this mother's shaving cream. He shaved the area below his knees but upon inspection, he felt it would look better to get it all off. Adam stepped out of the tub, dried himself off and admired the effect in the mirror. Except for some peach fuzz on his arms, and his pubic hair, he was almost completely smooth. He liked the effect, but still felt somewhat awkward about the whole ordeal.

Adam swallowed his pride. He came to work the next day dressed in the new uniform completely. He was ashamed to be in public but at the same time, thrilled.

Again, Gertrude commended Adam on his dedication to the job. Unfortunately, over the next month, Adam's performance slightly declined and Gertrude took notice. She wasn't going to let one of her top employees under perform in such a manor. At the next review, Gertrude had a few solutions for the problem.

"Adam, let me start this evaluation by saying that we really appreciate how you've come through for us and our customers. That uniform looks really great on you but we have one issue."

"Did someone complain about my clothes again?"

"No, it's your performance - you haven't been up to your usual par, I'm afraid. You seem depressed, my dear, and I think I have a solution for you," said Gertrude as she handed Adam a small kit.

"What's this?"

"They're vitamins, Adam. I went through a bit of a depression once. I think the uniform is bothering you, but these anti-depressants should help you. Don't worry about the cost, you've been a full time employee for over three months now and it will be completely covered. These vitamins are special, Adam. They'll help you - I think I know what you are going though."

"Thank-you, Gertrude."

"You're welcome - now I want you to take the rest of the day off. Go home, start to take the vitamins and relax for the rest of the day. These vitamins will not only make you feel better, but they will make you look better. Over time, you'll notice that they tend to improve your complexion. Why, Stacey over there has used them herself. Isn’t her skin beautiful?"

"Yeah, I guess she does look good. You know, Gerty, I've always taken good care of my skin."

"I can tell, Adam - your very handsome in an unconventional way."

"Thanks," said Adam with shyness and a blush.

Once Adam left the office, Stacey approached Gertrude.

"Do you think its okay to give him those female hormones, Ms. McCoy? I know a couple of our customers like the idea, but - "

"Well, its not as easy as telling him that some of our customers want him to change his clothes. They were demanding we get rid of him all together. I like his work here so much, I couldn't bear to see him go, so feminizing him was the only concession I could make with them. It obvious he wants to be a woman. He would have quit by now otherwise."

"You couldn't just put him in a skirt? Dress him up more? At least give him the option? I mean, maybe he would like the idea - he seems keen on woman's clothes - a bit too keen."

"I don't want to scare him away - and besides, he's such a delicate flower, maybe this option will be easier. Why startle him into the life of women when we can ease him into it."

"You just can't make someone a woman."

"Well, these pills are special, Stacey, he should welcome the changes he sees."

"Are you sure about this?"

"Stacey, of course I am, or have you forgotten - I'm the boss; I'm never wrong."

"Yes ma'am."

Adam went home and did exactly as Gertrude had instructed him. He began the vitamins and took it easy for the day. Over the next two months, Adam took his vitamins diligently and he noticed that his performance was back to his previous levels. Gertrude had taken notice as well. At his performance review he scored perfect. Everyone was happy again. Adam didn't even mind wearing the feminine clothes anymore. He only had one request of Gertrude.

"I need to replace my standard issue underwear. My current set is getting worn out from all the washing. And I think I gained some weight - they're tighter than usual."

"No problem, Adam - I'll have a package ready for you before you leave today. Anything else?"

"Nothing else I can think of," said Adam as he uncrossed his bestockinged legs and left the room with a smile.

That night, Gertrude handed Adam a bag containing a new supply of underwear for his uniform. When Adam arrived home, he went to his bedroom and opened the package containing his new underwear. He had no idea why he was so excited to do so. Unfortunately, he noticed that Gertrude has given his a supply of the women's g-strings instead.

"This is odd - she must have given me someone else's bag by mistake," Adam said as he handled the pink thong in his hand. He stared at the bow in the back and the super-feminine cut for a while before he decided that maybe he should try them on just in case. The first attempt was not too successful. As he slipped them on, his genitals tended to be al over the place. He remedied the situation by tucking his privates back and it seemed to fix the problem all together.

"A perfect fit!" Adam said to himself as he admired the panties in the mirror. He decided that he might as well keep them and dipped his hands back into the bag to remove the rest of the undergarments. As he reached in he took out something that shouldn't have been there at all - pink brassieres.

"This is definitely the wrong bag," Adam chuckled as he admired one of the bras. It was one of the store's best sellers and the standard issue for the women's uniforms. A-cup but with extra padding and super soft satin cups. For whatever reason, instead of putting it back in the bag, Adam let his curiosity get the better of him and he decided to try it on. He loved the way it felt and decided to wear it under his clothes for the rest of the night. For some reason, it felt snug and most importantly, right.

That moment, Adam's mother knocked on his door.

"Are you decent Adam? It's time for dinner. Come down when you're ready."

Adam threw a sweater over his t shirt to try to camouflage the bra-bumps and then grabbed a pair of jeans Julie had lent to him after he complained that all of his were tighter than usual and unconsciously slipped on his work heels and joined his mother at the dinner table.

"So, how's work treating you? I notice you're a bit more chipper than usual," said Gwen, not oblivious to the girl's clothes he was wearing. She could even tell he had a bra on.

"Yes, it's great - My boss gave me some vitamins to give me some extra pep."

"That was very nice of her - they seem to be working. I have noticed that you look chubbier than usual. Are these pills making you eat more too?" said Gwen, noticing the bumps again on Adam's chest. She was confident Adam would be honest with her when she was ready.

"I don't think so - I think it's because I haven't been going to the gym as much ever since I started working."

"I noticed you're still wearing your work heels. I guess you're still practicing, right?" said Gwen with a little more worry in her voice.

"Practice makes perfect," said Adam with a feminine tilt of the head and rise of the voice.

"I guess that all makes sense, Adam - well, try to stay trim all right?"

Adam agreed. As Gwen watched Adam eat that night, she noticed that everything about him seemed feminine. His gestures and manner of speech and even his skin. She was proud of her son for making so many sacrifices, but she was still a little worried. She decided not to confront him about the issue just yet and that it was only natural for Adam to take after his co-workers. It was only natural for a young man in his situation.

Over the next few weeks, Adam noticed that he continued to gain weight in strange places. He didn't mind so much because the extra weight on his chest made the bras he loved to wear so much look better and the thong panties seemed to improve the look of his chubbier bottom. Adam knew his behaviour was out of the ordinary, so he decided he need to talk to someone he trusted about it. Since Julie and Adam worked the same shift one day, they decided to meet for coffee before work.

"Julie, I think I need to tell you something."

"We'll there is no way to say this easily - I'm wearing ladies thong panties and a bra under my uniform."

"Oh, is that right," said Julie with not an ounce of the shock Adam expected.

"That's all you have to say?"

"Well, it's just that you've become - oh, how do I say this - one of the girls lately. You've been wearing your uniform out of work more often and the other employees and customers don't even notice that you're...different anymore."


"Don't look sad about it - I think it's nice?"

"You do?"

"Don't be ashamed about it? You look good - you look pretty."


"As a matter of fact, I can even help you look better - would you like me to help you look better?" said Julie as she held Adam's hand.

"S-sure - make me look better, Julie."

During a slow session at work, Julie took Adam to the makeup counter and sat him down.

"Now, don't worry, I'm an expert at this," said Julie as she began to apply the makeup to Adam's face. She even gussied up his hair to make it look more stylish.

"Are you almost done, Jules?"

"Almost - I'm just refining your look - I think you will like it a lot," said Julie as she finished and instructed Adam to look into the mirror.

"Wow - this looks pretty different," exclaimed Adam.

"You like it?"

"Very much so," said Adam as he looked at his reflection in disbelief. He almost looked like a different person.

That night, as Adam and Julie walked out of the store, Julie handed Adam a small wrapped package.

"It's a present. A couple of the girls and I pitched in. I want you to open it up when you get home."

"Thanks, I guess," said Adam as he hugged Julie. He noticed his chest felt different as he did so.

That night, Adam rushed to get home before his mother so he could wash off the makeup before she could see him. He locked the door to his bedroom and opened the present. He found a small supply of makeup, a makeup bag and a Cosmopolitan magazine. Also inside was a small note from Julie.

It said, "Practice, Girl!"

Over the next few weeks, Adam practiced as hard as he could with his makeup and developed a style which Julie felt was a good start. He was proud of his progress and decided to not let the irrational behaviour bother him. One day, as he was getting ready for work after a shower he noticed that the chubbyness around his chest wasn't exactly looking like simple weight gain anymore. Because he kept his hair in pigtails as to avoid it from getting it wet in the shower, he decided he looked almost completely feminine. If it wasn't for his genitals hanging there, he'd think some strange woman was looking back at him. Although somewhat shocking, he didn't know what it was exactly, but he liked the way it looked.

After he put on his panties, he decided he felt too exposed to walk around the house and put on his favorite new item of clothing - his pink bra.

It was now an essential part of his wardrobe. Since his mother wasn't home that day, he decided to use the vanity in her room to get his makeup just right. He took his vitamins, grabbed his makeup bag and walked into his mother's bedroom. He sat, cross legged, and took his time with the makeup. When he finished, he let his hair down, put on his stockings and admired the effect in the mirror.

When he noticed a slight flaw with his makeup, he sat his bottom back down on the padded chair and focused to get the problem fixed.

Gwen, having forgotten some documents at home, decided to drive back for lunch to retrieve them. As she approached her bedroom door, she was shocked to find Adam in full lingerie and makeup. Adam was unaware of her presence as Gwen stayed in the shadows. Gwen simply grabbed what she needed, left the house speechless and drove away.

As Adam smacked his lips and once again admired the effect, he had a brief moment of clarity. What was he doing? Was he a girl now? But he ignored the small voice in his head and decided he needed to get dressed or he would be late. It was for his job and he needed the money. Adam put the lid on his lipstick, smacked his lips again and placed the rest of his makeup in the bag. He got dressed into his usual uniform and left for work.


Adam was on the bus looking at the buildings zoom by through the windows.

"Ma'am - excuse me, ma'am," said a gentleman for the second time trying to get what he thought was the attention of the young woman. Adam suddenly realized when he turned his head that the gentleman was trying to get his attention!

"Oh - I'm sorry. Do you mean me? Well, I'm not a, er..." paused Adam as he realized the implications of telling the truth. The young man interrupted.

"Do you know what time it is?"

"Oh, it's 8:35, sir."

"Sir? Call me Greg. I see you on this bus enough; I figure we might as well get acquainted."

"Well, it's very nice to meet you, Greg," said Adam as he held out his freshly manicured nails. The girls at the shop had recently got Adam in the whole manicure thing. As the two young men shook hands, one was in the dark and the other a big anxious. Greg held on to Adam's delicate hand with a gesture on his face expecting a name from Adam.

"Your name?" asked Greg. Adam quickly answered.


The gentleman named Greg had a strange look of confusion on his face, as if to say 'are you sure?' Adam glanced a regretful, truthful face back at him. Greg understood.

"I'm so sorry - it's just that you look so much like a wo - woman."

"It's just my uniform for work. I'm afraid it's a little femme, but I have to pay the bills."

"A little?" said Greg as he saw the signs now: an adam's apple, slightly larger hands and feet and even a slight, slight sign of facial hair stubble.

Greg was then unresponsive and just nodded and shook his head, returning his attention to the newspaper. Adam awkwardly turned his head to the window again and continued watching the scenery flash by. He wondered if it was better for his own good if he didn't reveal his gender while in uniform. From any outside observer, Adam looked like any other cross legged, heel wearing women in the bus. If the feminine mannerisms obtained from working with beautiful women all day didn't convince people, the bra bumps and makeup probably did. Adam was sort of flattered though - this man was hitting on him.

The last little while of Adam's life had been very interesting. He managed to get a job at a lingerie shop at the urging of his friend and though he had his doubts, he really took to it. He never thought he'd be sitting here now wearing a women's bra and panties, short pants and a blouse. Of course, this was the uniform demanded to be worn by his employer. He wasn't kidding himself either though, as the makeup and hair was his own choice.

Adam looked at his reflection in the bus' window and held his hand to his modest chest and let out a sigh.

His boss, Gertrude, had been giving him what he knew was some form of women's hormones. He didn't mind too much as he strangely liked the small changes he had been seeing. Though regularly his body was only mildly masculine, he felt the feminine aspects flattered his frame. He didn't want to be a woman, oh no, but he figured these were temporary "situations" and he could always stop taking the "vitamins" Gertrude gave him.

"I don't want to be a woman," Adam whispered to his reflection in the glass, almost as if to convince himself it wasn't what he wanted. He fixed his hair with his hand as he noticed an imperfection with his makeup. He uncrossed his shapely, hose-clad legs and laid his purse down on his lap and found his compact. He recrossed his legs and focused on his visage, stoking the brush softly against his features. Finishing, Adam took a good look at himself in the compact mirror and placed it back in the purse. As he did so, he caught an uncomfortable glance from Greg. Adam thought about his current situation and wondered what his friends and his mother thought of him. He crossed his arms over his chest, stopping for a second as he felt the soreness of his budding breast and once again looked at the changing scenery outside.

Over the last few weeks he found that the majority of his old clothes had not fit quite as nice as they used to, so when he went to the department store on his days off, he would tend to drift towards more androgynous styles. He would start in the men's section and before he knew it, something across the aisle caught his eye and he would investigate. The other aisle would usually lead him towards women's fashions. While he admired some of the frillier and girly offerings, he stuck to the simple things, like shorts, slacks, shirts and vests. He felt they maintained something of a masculine aura so he could preserve himself from awkward circumstances like the one in the bus.

One day, Adam had decided to pick up some more summery clothes at the department store. He picked out what he perceived to be a gender neutral outfit and brought his pick to the counter to be rung out by the cashier.

"Is it okay if I pay with this credit card?" asked Adam as he held out his Visa to the girl.

"Of course! Is there anything else I can help you with, ma'am?"

"No, that'll be all," said Adam. As the cashier handled Adam's card, she noticed her mistake.

"Oh, I'm so sorry; I didn't mean to call you a madam, sir. Or is that okay? Can I call you ma'am? It's just that...," said the cashier with a red face.

"It's....okay, you wouldn't be the first to make the mistake," interrupted Adam, with a slight look of worry. What did this woman think of him? He didn't like to deceive people. And he didn't want the people in the store to notice the exchange either.

"Well, you do look marvelous as a young lady, if you don't mind me saying... I had a friend make the 'change' and he, well, sorry, SHE, doesn't look half as good as you do."

"Well, actually, I'm not having a 'change,' I'm just, you know..." said Adam, at a loss for words. He didn't want to be in this awkward situation anymore.

"Well, I'm sorry for suggesting that you, well, I'm just sorry all together. Wait, actually, you do look familiar - do you work at La Petite Femme?"

"Why yes, actually," said Adam, as he felt even more strange.

"I love their stuff. I only buy my bras and panties there even though I have a discount here. I applied for a job there once, but never got a call back. I hear the lady that runs it is a task master."

"She's a nice woman."

"Too bad you can't take advantage of the discounts, eh," said the cashier in a strange tone, gesturing to Adam's chest, as he was obviously wearing a bra. Adam noticed the look.

"Oh, uh, well, you see..."

"It's okay, girl, don't worry about it. If you want to be a woman, don't hide it."

"Well, I like the clothes, the styles, and I like being friends with women in a more intimate way, but this all started with the job..."

"Wow, the boss there is tough," said the cashier jokingly.

"This womanhood thing was thrust upon me. I don't think I can ever get the change, but it is fun - fun while it lasts."

"Listen, being a woman is not all fun and games. You shouldn't take it so lightly and maybe you'll actually learn something about yourself. I don't mean to be rude, but I think you're into this deeper than you realize."

"Oh," said Adam, feeling he had just offended the cashier, "I didn't mean to offend anyone by doing this."

"It's okay - I think you need to make an important decision about what you are doing."

"You're right," nodded Adam as he put the credit card back in his purse, took his bags and left silently. The cashier watched him as he clicked his heels and walked out the department store.

"He's in this deep.

That day, Adam met up with Julie for a coffee date while wearing his new outfit. Though he tried to keep himself as butch as possible, he couldn't resist a little lip gloss and a hair band. He figured it was a windy day and he wanted to keep his hair in place.

"Looking classy," said Julie as they met at the café.

"Oh, these old rags? They're just some summer stuff."

"Well, they do look very comfortable. Do you like my new skirt," asked Julie, gesturing to her new pleated number.

"Yes, very nice, but don't you ever worry about the wind blowing it up or someone getting a glimpse of your panties?" Asked Adam.

"Not really, Adam. It's all a part of the game. Besides, it's easy access if you know what I mean."

Adam knew what she meant, but he was made uncomfortable by the idea for some reason.

"I'm surprised you have purchased a few skirts yet. You seem to be taking to womanhood pretty well. All you wear are slacks and shorts."

"Well, I told you before, Julie, I'm not looking to be a girl forever and what's the point of skirts anyways?"

"Well, whenever I wear them, I know I look good and I feel good. I guess they aren't for everyone," said Julie. Adam had been curious about getting a skirt and trying it on, but he had only worn one once before and he knew how they made him felt. If he tried one on now, maybe he wouldn't be able to 'come back.' Maybe it would change him somehow.

"I guess they aren't for me..."

"Anyways, how's it been lately? I haven't seen you in a few days," asked Julie

"Well, I had a few problems with people noticing me, you know?"

Oh, they can tell you're a guy?"

"No, that they can't tell I'm a guy. I thought I as pretty obviously a guy, but most people assume I'm a woman. I don't even put any effort into it. I just walk out the door and people are like, 'ma'am' and 'young lady!'"

"So? You look good. Hell, I'm starting to get jealous of you!"

"That's not funny! I thought I was a girl at work and a boy everywhere else! The worlds are crossing over and I'm not ready to deal with the consequences!"

"Of course you are! Look at how beautiful you are. The pills you're taking are making a nice difference and I'm proud of you! It's not like your getting a sex change, after all. You're just being a girl for a while."

"Do you think my mom knows about my changes?"

"You tell me."

"Well, I haven't seen her lately. She's been busy with work, but I don't feel like she needs to know about this," said Adam as he gestured to his budding, bra covered, breasts. Adam crossed his legs and took his purse out. He checked his makeup in his compact. Julie looked at him approvingly and with satisfaction.

"I think she'd love to have a daughter for a little while, Adam."

"You do? Thanks, Julie. I guess I just need to relax a little more and go with the flow."

Just then, the waitress came up.

"What can I get you two girls?"

Adam didn't say a word to correct his gender this time and he didn't even flinch. He held his hand to his chest and asked for a teat. He smiled knowingly to Julie who offered a smile of approval in return.

Adam rung up the sale for an older gentleman at the lingerie shop, took his cash, and gave him his change and receipt. The man was buying nice, new, white lingerie for his wife. Adam had helped him to pick it out.

"I hope your wife enjoys the gift!" said Adam in a chirpy, happy tone. "Thanks for coming by - have a lovely day! " His voice, as well as his mannerisms, had gained a feminine lilt. The man didn't notice Adam's nametag until now and awkwardly returned the gesture.

"Thank- you, um - A - Adam? Adam. Hmm, uh," the man muttered confused as he left. Gertrude had noticed the man's confused exchange and called Adam in for a brief meeting.

Gertrude, composed and friendly, but stern in a motherly way started the conversation with Adam.

"I have no complaints with you Adam. You've adapted well to the atmosphere of womanly delights here and I really admire you as a young man. You have gumption."

"Thank-you," said Adam quietly, his head turned down, eyes up. He had a feeling some kind of "suggestion" would arise.

"You have taken to all of my suggestions very well - even taking those vitamins. I can tell, your skin looks -"

"I know what the vitamins are, Gertrude," said Adam, interrupting Gertrude.


"It's okay. I kind of...I kind of think it's a good thing. While I work here, I think I need them to make me think more like a woman. I don't think I'd be doing as well here without them, and..."

"And," asked Gertrude with a strong stare.

"We'll, it's not permanent, I don't want to be a - "

"A what?"

"Well, a member of the fairer side."

"A girl?" asked Gertrude, playing dumb.

"Yes - I just figured it could be a temporary thing. Like, I'm going to adapt while I'm here and once I leave, I can go back to being regular Adam."

"Oh yes, of course. I'm sorry I didn't tell you the full effects of the pills, my dear, but I liked you and I run a very high end shop here. I can't take any risks, you see."

"Of course," said Adam, as he sat in the office, back straight, small pert breasts pushed out. He noticed his reflection in a large mirror and quickly fixed his hair. Adam became very conscious of his predicament at that moment, feeling a little strange, like a box was closing in on him. Gertrude interrupted his strange feeling.

"That brings me to a request I have for you, dear. I've noticed a few customers glance at your nametag. It reads 'Adam' as I'm sure you know. Well, I think the idea of a young man selling lingerie slightly disturbs some of our customers."

"I can take it off, if you need me to."

"But you wouldn't have a nametag anymore. Adam, have you ever wondered what your name would have been if you were a girl?"

"I don't know," said Adam, lying, as he had thought of it. Sometimes, he would sit at his mother's vanity, wondering what life would be like as a girl and then a grown woman. He called himself Amy in these fantasies. Fortunately, Adam had been living the fantasy partially, but he was afraid to take certain steps. He knew this was a temporary time in his life and that he should not get attached to this.

"Are you sure?" asked Gertrude, interrupting his daydream.

"Well - I think 'Amy' makes sense! I mean, it is close to 'Adam' after all."

"Very good, Ada - ah, Amy! I'll have a new nametag ready for you in a little while. And while I have you, I just need to mention your sales."


"They've been fantastic. You're entitled to a fifty dollar gift certificate to anything in the store!"

"Oh, wow," thought Adam, knowing the store carried mostly women's articles and the men's underwear didn't fit him right anymore. He wondered what he'd buy.

"Now, run along back to work with the other girls, I am so behind in my work," said Gertrude as she escorted Adam out the door and gently closed it.

As Adam returned to his duties of organizing and folding and fixing delicate delights, Julie came over to talk.

"So, Adam, what did Gertrude want," asked Julie as she leaned against the counter pushing out her large breasts.

"Well, actually, is it okay if you call me Amy," asked Adam. Julie looked concerned.

"Pardon? Change of heart? Have you finally decided to, you know...snip snip?"

"No, no, no! Never! I'm a boy for keeps, I told you this" said Adam as he pulled at his necklace with his manicured fingers and balanced on his heels. "Gertrude and I just think that it would be better for customer service. What do you mean 'snip snip?'"

"Oh - I'm sorry. I didn't mean to suggest you wanted a - a sex change or something. That would be weird after what you already told me."

"Yeah, weird," chuckled Adam awkwardly.

"Well, I'd still be your friend if you had one, just so you know. We could be girlfriends instead of friends," laughed Julie.

"Aw, thanks, you mean it - um, oh, - It's just a job, after all. Anyways, Gertrude gave me a gift certificate to spend in the store."

"Really? How much?"

"Only fifty - I think maybe I'll give it to you. You can use it. What am I going to buy here?"

"Well, you should treat yourself. I mean, fifty can't buy you much here, but I'm sure some of the sleepwear is affordable. I mean, you might as well get something for yourself."

"I don't have any women's garments outside of my uniform and I'd like to keep it that way, you know?" laughed Adam while he smoothed his hands over his chest and adjusted his bra strap.

"Oh, don't be such a poo. Treat yourself. Didn't you tell me your pajamas were chafing your, you know? Chest area?" said Julie as she motioned to her breasts.

"Yeah, well, I guess some of the pajamas here are not too feminine. There are no customers at the moment, lets take a look!"

"Okay," said Adam as he and Julie walked to the sleepwear area. Adam fondled some comfy underwear he usually sold to older women. He figured the baby blue ones weren't too femme.

"Adam, I mean, Amy- you cant be serious. Those are for old ladies. Here check this out, it is absolutely adorable. And it's fifty dollars."

"I don't know. It is very skimpy and way too girly. Who am I going to wear it for?" Asked Adam.

"Yourself! Listen; if you are going to sell women's lingerie and clothes to people, I think you need to dive in more. Sure, you wear panties, bras and that uniform. Sure, you do your hair and have makeup and a purse, but that's it. Quite frankly, I think some of the other girls think it is not right that you don't know the merchandise better, you know?"

"I guess," said Adam as he held the garment up, "It looks kind of small."

"Trust me, they stretch and I can tell it will fit. I'm going to ring it up for you," said Julie as she snatched it from Adam's hands and processed the sale. Adam was a little worried that this would cause some sort of tidal wave of women's delights, he figured he could use this as a test. Julie handed Adam the bag and as Adam held it in his hand, he felt like he made a grave commitment.

That night, Adam took the bag up to his room and quietly closed his door. He wanted to try on the item he had purchased from the store. He removed his clothing, holding a hand over his privates. He wasn't too fond of them lately. They had not worked right and he felt an odd disconnection as a result. With his free hand he grabbed the soft new item from the bag. As he slipped it up his body and fixed it to the burgeoning curves of his body, he was very surprised.

"Ohhhh, it feels so nice," Adam said to himself quietly. It was different than his bra and panties. It was cool, smooth and more comfortable. As he made sure to tuck his penis properly, he unconsciously tied his hair into a ponytail and took a look in his large bedroom mirror. He loved his new teddy.

It was a soft, light color and very feminine. Adam liked it very much. He twisted and turned in front of the mirror in feminine ways. He kicked his legs back, he arched his back, he did everything he saw women do in movies and magazines. Suddenly, he realized what he was doing. He promised himself he would not go overboard. He promised he would only play the part, not become it. A tear came to Adam's eye as he realized a harsh reality of his behavior. Was he a woman? Or was he just 'into' the role like an actor practicing for a part? Adam wanted to kid himself as he sat down on his bed, brushing his hair out. No one would guess he thought of himself as a straight male at that moment, but that is what he wanted to think. He did not want that girl inside of him to take over. It would never work, he thought to himself.

"But it almost feels right," he whispered.

Adam's mother knocked at the door.

"Adam - can I come in? Are you decent?"

"N-No," said Adam nervously. He was almost caught in his new teddy. "Give me a minute to get decent."

"Okay, dear! Whenever you're ready, I just need to ask a favor."

Adam stepped out of his teddy regretfully, as a part of him wanted to stay in it all night. He pulled on a pair of his pink panties and was about to grab for his bra, but something got his attention.

"These look bigger now," he said to himself - "What will mom say?" Adam cupped his small, but noticeable breasts and was now ashamed of them. He knew his mother knows how he dressed for work, but he wasn't sure how he would explain a jiggling pair of breasts under his shirt. He could not throw a bra on now - how would he explain it when it was almost time for bed? Adam grabbed three of his tightest T-shirts and then threw on a comfy sweater. He then reached for a regular pair of his jeans. As he tried to pull them over his hips, he noticed that they were giving him trouble.

"C'mon, pants, you can do it," said Adam, jokingly but still frustrated. He was slightly panicked. He didn't feel like looking like a girl right now. He managed to get the jeans over his hips, but zipping them was another problem. He didn't notice his growing parts while wearing his pleated work pants and breezy work blouse. As he struggled to get the zipper up and the pants buttoned, he began to get more worried. Tears were forming at his eyes. After much trouble, he managed to get into the men's jeans, but there were no longer for him. His hips were just slightly too much. His behind had expanded too much.

"This is too much, too soon," said Adam to himself as he wiped tears from his eyes. He didn't have much mobility, but he figured he was presentable enough for his mother, whatever she wanted to talk about.

As Adam walked into the living room, a picture may have shown a young, but femme man, but a video would show an unmistakably girly girl. His girlish movements had become second nature. As he sat next to his mother, he crossed his legs and took note of his reflection in the glass of a cabinet. He fixed his hair. His mother was painfully aware of the situation.

"Adam, I just wanted to ask how you were doing. We don't see too much of each other these days. I'm busy, your busy - you know how it goes. I just feel like I've been neglecting you lately. I just want to let you know that I'm never too busy for any problem you may have."

Adam was unaware of his mother's recent observation of his unmistakably feminine ritual and look in front of her vanity.

"I'm fine, mom," said Adam as he held his unpainted, but well shaped hand to his flattened chest.

"It's just that I feel if there is a lot I can do for you. I am your mother, dear. And as a woman, I feel I can help you in many ways," said Gwen trying to choke back tears. Adam was not certain what she was trying to say, but he was too bothered by his own thoughts at the moment.

"Aww, thanks mom. You're going to make me cry," as he waved his hand near his eyes. This odd and feminine behavior was just adding fuel to Gwen's suspicions. She knew Adam was probably not going to budge so she reached in for a hug. Though Adam was wearing three shirts and a sweater, she recognized a certain softness around his chest. She tried to approach the subject from a different angle.

"Remember that one Halloween where you and Julie dressed up and I didn't recognize you for a moment?"

"Ummm, which Halloween?" asked Adam, feeling as if his mother suspected something. Like she was reading his mind.

"You know, the one where Julie and you dressed as...prostitutes?"

"Oh, well, we stewardesses. She had ordered a Pilot's uniform for me, but there was a last minute mix-up, but I was a good sport. Remember? I told you," said Adam as he looked down.

"Well, I didn't recognize you, you know? It was funny and we all had a laugh. You looked just like a girl - don't take it as an insult. Julie did a good job - she's a pro, dear. I even kept a picture," said Gwen as she showed her son the picture.

"Oh, I look so awful. You can see my stubble there. Boy, that was a funny day," chuckled Adam nervously. Was his mother on to him?

"It's just that I feel the same way these days - Like I don't recognize you lately," said Gwen, doing her best to not show any tears.

Adam, still suspecting that his mother knew more than she was letting on remained silent for a period.

"Mom, I'm still me. I have not changed at all. You know, I'm working at a women's store for lingerie and I'm the only man. That has an affect on people. If you think I'm different, than maybe I am, but I'm only playing a role. I'm still he same old Adam, you know?"

"I know, dear. I'm just worried, is all. I don't know why, but I feel if you spend more time with Gertrude than with your own mom," said Gwen emotionally.

"I'm not a little...boy anymore, mom. I've...grown. I've...developed in ways...I can't describe to you. But people change. I'm always going to be your son, though," said Adam. He knew he was part girl at the moment, but he would be a full boy again. This was only temporary and he would go back to normal once he quit.

"Okay, dear. I trust you, Adam. I'm sorry, I just felt like you might have needed me. I understand that some things are better handled alone," said Gwen. But she didn't trust Adam. She had to know what was going on with him. And one way or another she would find out.

The next week, as Adam was at work, he was making sure the dresses were all organized and in presentable condition. As he fingered the material, he wondered to himself. Though Adam was working in a woman's lingerie store, wearing a woman's nametag, quite comfy in his bra and panties, he had never worn so much as a dress or skirt outside of a cheap Halloween costume. He was relegated to pants and blouses. As he looked longingly at the dress, he felt two kinds of guilt. The first one was minor - he felt wearing a dress would be too girly. He didn't need to. The second was stronger - he wanted to please the other girls in the store. He wanted to fit in. They wore dresses and skirts in and our out of work. He remembers how Julie told him he should jump deeper into the job. How could he sell these clothes to women if he had no real experience with them?

Just then Julie tapped Adam on the shoulder.

"Hey Amy, Gertrude's looking for you. I love your hair today by the way."

"Oh, thanks. I'll talk later - I have to ask a favor," blushed Adam.

As Adam walked into Gertrude's office, he noticed that she had a big smile on her face and her hands behind her back.

"Adam, since you were so kind to change your name tag to read 'Amy' instead of 'Adam,' I thought I'd reward you," said Gertrude.

"It was no problem, Gertrude. I'm already used to the name. It sounds...right."

"Of course, honey. Well, I think it's time you tried to fit in even more around here and I think it might be a change you will like," said Gertrude as she revealed a new uniform for Adam. It was a lovely blue dress.

"Oh, a d-d-d-dress," said Adam nervously. He wanted to touch it immediately.

"As you can see, it's not the skirt and blouse the other girls wear, it is more feminine and I'm hoping you'll be glad to have a cuter uniform. Personally, I can't wait to see how it fits."

"Of-of c-c-course. I'll try it on right now," said Adam, trying to hold some composure. He was practically in awe of a garment.

"Well, first, you may need different support undergarments. I have also set aside a new set for you," said Gertrude as she handed Adam a box with a pink ribbon on it. Adam undid the bow and became speechless. It was a full set of new white lingerie.

"A new bra and panties? Garters? A slip? This is for me?" asked Adam.

"Yes, you'll need a full set for your dress. When you wear a dress, dear, it's important to feel as feminine as possible underneath. And I was thinking of changing the uniform underwear to white. I figure you can test it out."

Adam felt as if he had been accepted further into the sorority of lingerie girls.

"Oh, it's so soft and frilly," said Adam as he fondled the new lingerie. He was losing himself in the moment and he knew inside that it was bad. He felt like it was a drug addiction, or something, but he didn't care. Not right now, anyways. He would deal with the moral aspects later.

"Why don't you put it all on, dear? I know it will fit. Let me help you," said Gertrude as she placed her hands on Adam's shoulders. The next few minutes were heaven for Adam. Gertrude took him into the private fitting room reserved for special customers. It was a dark room with lovely curtains and padded chairs. Everything looked soft. The mirrors were large and the lighting was just perfect. Adam had never been in this room and this made him feel very special. Like a very special girl. Adam was intoxicated and removed his male self from his mind. He was almost all girl in personality now.

"Alright, dear, you'll have to remove your clothes. You can place them there," said Gertrude motioning to a bench.

"First, we'll do the bra. I can't stress the importance of a bra for a young pretty woman. A good fit is very important." Said Gertrude as she placed the bra over Adam's bare chest.

"It feels so good," said Adam.

"You're breasts are coming in well, dear. You're a knockout," said Gertrude, manipulating Adam very well.

Gertrude reached for the panties.

"You're going to help with those too?" asked Adam nervously.

"Of course, we're all girls here," said Gertrude. "Oops, I keep forgetting about that pesky thing down there," added Gerty as she motioned to Adam's penis.

"Oh, yeah - that pesky thing," said Adam, almost forgetting he had one and experiencing a pang of regret for having to display it in front of Gertrude, as he pulled it between his legs.

"Would you like some tape, dear?" asked Gertrude.

"Y-yes, sure," said Adam. Gertrude grabbed a role which was nearby and did all the work for Adam. With the grace of a master, she artfully taped his penis into oblivion.

"I usually just tape it back. Wow, it looks like -"

"A vagina, right? It looks so cute on your body. You should always tape it dear," said Gertrude as she motioned for Adam to step into the panties. Gertrude smoothed them over as Adam marveled at his new underwear in the mirror. The way she tucked and taped him made Adam take notice of a certain special potential.

"Let's add another thing," said Gertrude as she turned around with a maxipad in her hand.

"Isn't that -"

"Yes, dear. A napkin. You don't need it but don't you think it will make you feel like part of the gang?"

"Oh yeah," said Adam as Gertrude undid the paper over the glue and pulled his panties back down. She stuck it to the crotch of the panty and slid it back over his body.

"How does that feel, dear?"

"Feels nice," said Adam as he smoothed a hand over his crotch - feeling the pad over his taped down penis. He was giddy. Gertrude then reached for the garter belt and strung it around his waist. She then instructed him to pull on the stockings.

Adam loved the way he looked in the mirror. Picture perfect delicate womanhood!

"Now, lift your arms up, dear, here comes the slip," said Gertrude. Adam felt as it he was being showered in femininity.

"Wow - it's so soft and cool. So smooth! Why didn't I start wearing this stuff sooner!" said Adam.

Gertrude finished the ritual by helping him into the dress. It was a blue number with a high hem. Adam thought it was positively adorable.

"Now, it's not the same as the other girls' outfits, but, because you're a boy, we just can't have it. Not right now."

"I understand. I love this dress. It's my first. Thanks Gertrude," said Adam as he found his 'Amy' tag and pinned it to his new dress. As he walked out of Gertrude's dressing den and into the main store, he was greeted by an applauding staff.

Adam was overwhelmed. For a while, he forgot he was a boy. And then he was scared. While Adam was considering himself, Gertrude handed him a folder.

"I want you to consider this. It's an...option I want to offer. I think it will help your sales and your confidence. I've offered it to many of my employees. I'll pay for the whole thing," said Gertrude as Adam began to open the folder.

He was shocked at the pamphlet inside. It read on the front cover, 'Breast Implants and the Modern Woman.'

‍ "You want me to get b-b-breast implants," asked Adam, shocked.

"You'll look so much more womanly with them. Again, I can cover it, dear!" said Gertrude.

"Well, when, - um, I signed for this job as a short - breast implants on me?"

"Who else dear? What do you say?" asked Gertrude. All the other girls were watching. Adam felt pressured to make a choice right at that moment.

"I guess if -"

Suddenly, Adam's mother Gwen walked into the store.

"Adam? Is that you?"


For Adam's mother, Gwen, time stopped. Gwen had just walked into Gertrude's shop, La Petite Femme, expecting to see her son hard at work, but instead, had seen him as she had never before. Gwen knew her son was working at a women's lingerie store and that he had to adopt a feminine style of dress. She knew he wore bras and panties to work and had even seen him in those articles of girlish undergarments. Gwen was okay with what Adam was doing as she had always felt he was special and different from the other young men. Gwen, being a lesbian who had just came out of the closet recently, was familiar with alternative lifestyles and though this was not a life she would wish for her son, it would be something she would support him with. She could accept that Adam was possibly gay and just being camp by dressing up and going to work in drag, but this was a stretch. Adam didn't look like a femme boy or a drag queen. He looked like a pretty young woman. Gwen, deep down, knew Adam was becoming a woman, but she had never seen him so decked-out. She had never seen him with his hair in a decidedly femme style, with full-makeup, nails, a distinct womanly curve and a DRESS. Adam was really wearing a dress for the first time and it looked like he meant it. This was a boy turning into a woman.

Gwen was shocked but it was a good thing. She had now accepted that Adam was destined for a life of womanhood. She was a very feminine woman and a single mom. She had raised Adam alone and though she felt some guilt, she knew that she had to support him. Adam looked beautiful to everyone in the boutique that day, especially to Gwen.

Time also stopped for Adam, who was now, physically, in full "Amy" mode. Seeing his mother had mentally pulled him out of his growing, new identity. Adam knew his mother had never seen him in so "deep" like this and he felt immensely embarrassed. He suddenly became aware of all the woman's items on his body; every single lush lacey one of them. He suddenly could really feel his testicles being pulled flat against his body by his tight panties. He felt silly and stupid as if he was playing some childish dress-up game and his mother caught him. At that moment, he did not want to be Amy anymore.

"Mom! I can explain!"

"Adam, it's okay! I understand," said Gwen as she looked at Adam with a smile and then at the breast implant pamphlet he had dropped.

"N-no, I don't think you do, mom. This isn't right and I didn't mean for you to see me this way," said Adam, trying not to look at his mother directly.

"But Adam -"

"Why don't we continue this in my office, ladies," said Gertrude as she looked at both Adam and Gwen and then gestured to her private room. The confrontation had become too public and Gertrude didn't want to upset her employees or customers any further. Luckily, there were no customers in the store at the time.

Adam was in a stake of shock, with tears streaming down his face, he couldn't even move. Gertrude and Gwen gently grabbed his arms and lead him to the office. Gwen lead Adam to the sofa while Gertrude shut and locked the door.

"Adam, it's okay, you have nothing to be embarrassed about here. If you want to be a woman, you can tell me."

"But I don't want to be a woman, mom. I was supposed to just be doing a job. I thought I was going to be a stock boy or something. I've become some sort of freak. Look at me, mom, do I look like your son right now?" cried Adam.

"Adam, I love you no matter what you decide to do with your life! You're my son, and if you want to be my....daughter, I will understand. You don't have to make excuses."

"No-no! I don't want to be a girl. I know what you're thinking, but no! I don't want to have...the change or anything!"

Gwen could only see her son dressed as a very beautiful woman and felt the need to support him in whatever way, but she felt she saw Adam in his new gender role too soon and spoiled something. She resigned from suggesting Adam was a girl, even though she felt different.

"I'm sorry, dear. I misunderstood. I just thought that because you looked so pretty -"

"You didn't misunderstand, mom," cried Adam, "you saw me made up to look like a girl. I'm working at a shop designed to make women look pretty, I feel as if I fell into a trap."

"I trapped no one. You chose to wear those clothes," said Gertrude, concerned.

"No, I'm not blaming you, Gertrude. Everyone here is wonderful. I caught in a trap because it was my own fault. I let the feminine surroundings get to me. I liked it. I liked being around woman. I'm not normal and the way I look now is not normal, but it is my fault for being so weak."

"Adam, you are normal. I see nothing wrong," said Gwen.

"Nothing wrong? Nothing WRONG?! Mom, look at me. Do you see what I'm wearing?" said Adam as he gestured to his mother, then uncrossed his nylon clad legs and walked to the mirror. "How normal is it for a GUY like me to be wearing make-up? How normal is it to wear this dress? Did you know that under this dress, mom, I have a full set of lingerie, including garters and a slip? No one forced me to dress like this, mom! I liked it. Is that normal?" said Adam as he walked in a very feminine manner around the office.

"It's okay, Adam. I understand."

As if something profound just came to him, Adam face lit up.

"You know what else isn't normal? Right now, I'm wearing a maxi-pad in my panties! What do guys like me need maxi pads for?"

And then his face went flush. Gwen had a worried look on her face, but she loved her son and didn't care. She just wanted him to be happy.

"Oh, dear, what did I just say?" said Adam as he ran out the door, grabbed his purse and left the store. Gwen and Gertrude tried to stop him but it was no use. Wearing his heels and dress, he ran as fast as he could out of that store as if it were haunted. He ran as fast as he could, trampling over the breast implant pamphlet and saying bye to none of the other girls.

"Oh, dear," said Gwen as she held her hand to her lips.

"Oh, Gwen, I'm so sorry. I did not think it would turn out this way. I don't know what has gotten into him."

"I do love him, Gertrude. I always suspected, but I was never certain. For the past few weeks I've come to terms with Adam becoming a woman. The signs were so clear. But I guess I was wrong."

"Adam's young and confused, Gwen. The world of womanhood is strange and uncertain. It's a world that can be frightening as well. You know the old saying, you aren't born a woman, but you become one. And sometimes, boys will be girls too, whether they want it or not."

"How do you know?"

"Gwen, let me tell you about some of my children..."

Gertrude once again closed her office door and had a long discussion with Gwen about very private things.

Adam was now in public for the first time wearing a dress. He knew people had mistaken him for a lady before, but something about his legs being available for all to see with little protection was worrysome to him. He now felt very uncomfortable in all of his feminine wear and the dress just made it worse. As he sat on the bus all the way home with his legs crossed, he looked down and saw a little bit of garter top showing from under his dress. He quickly moved one of his manicured hands to hide it away with his dress. Unfortunately, one of the men close to him on the bus was also getting a show. Adam noticed the man's leers and just kept to himself for the rest of the ride. It was the longest and most uncomfortable bus ride of his life. He felt as if he were wearing a Halloween costume on July1st.

By the time Adam got home he couldn't wait to get out of the clothes he, only hours ago, coveted. He took his keys out of his purse opened the door, kicked off his heels and ran to the shower. He then went to his room, where he locked the door and turned his cell phone off.

Adam stood in front of his mirror and wondered what he had become. Adam started talking to himself.

"You look like a pretty woman, don't you? You could have everyone fooled, but you know the truth, don't you? You're a boy. A grown man, even. And look at yourself; decked out in lady's lingerie shop uniform. And what's underneath? Some of the most exquisite lingerie a boy could hope's so nice and soft...makes you feel like a real woman...maybe I want to be a wo - WAIT, NO," said Adam to his reflection as he felt himself being lost in womanhood again.

Adam quickly turned from the mirror and began to quickly remove his makeup from his face. He then let his hair out of his feminine ponytail. His hair still cascaded in a girlish manner.

He then fumbled with the zipper at the back of his dress. Once he had the dress of, he rolled off his hose and then removed his slip and garter. Next came the panty and bra. As she slipped the delicate white bra from his budding breasts he began to admire them, but again, forced himself out of his womanly trance.

"I must force myself to hate these reminders of my past mistakes!" said Adam to himself, knowing it sounded very strange.

Adam dug around his underwear drawer, past all the pink and white panties and thongs until he found a pair of his neglected boy's underwear and prepared to slide them on. With his left hand he slid the underwear on and with the right he held his penis back. Adam actually walked around for a few moments before he noticed what he did and cursed himself.

"Damn, it's like a reflex!"

As Adam re adjusted himself, he walked in front of the mirror and surveyed the "damage" the hormones he had been taking had done to his body. He pert, small, new breasts were jiggling ever so softly and his behind had made the underwear fit tighter. For a moment, a brief moment, he longed for the freedom of a thong. Needless to say, Adam was very confused at that moment.

"I need to get some boy's clothes on immediately," said Adam to himself as he felt the urge to revert to his womanly self starting to rise ever so softly. It felt as if a soft, pink, satin, lacy blanket was wrapping around him every time he thought about women's clothing. It was like a siren's call, and Adam knew if he submitted, he might find himself washed up ashore with nothing. It frightened him deeply.

Adam reached into his closet for the most basic, masculine set of clothes he could find and settled on a golf shirt and a pair of khakis. He struggled to get the khakis over his slightly larger behind, but eventually succeeded with the task. It was a tight fit, but it would do. After putting on his golf shirt he walked to his mirror again to check out his look.

"My ass is huge. I can still see my...boobs," Adam said uneasily and as he looked at himself. Fortunately, he knew how to hide his bosom. He went to the bathroom and reached under the sink to discover a large, elastic bandage. It was brown in color and it looked like it might do the trick. He took the bandage back to his room, removed his top and slowly and carefully wrapped the bandage around his chest. After a few retries and 15 minutes later, Adam achieved a flat look that any woman would be ashamed of. He put his top back on and then sat in front of his computer so he could solve another problem.

Worried about the amount of hormones in his body and the effect they had on him, he decided to search the internet to see what he could do to reverse the effects. Trying to ignore that his homepage was, he quickly surfed to a search engine and started his research.

After about an hour, he concluded that their was little definitive evidence on whether or not his breasts would go away or not. Some people said that they would, and some other people said that they wouldn't. Adam knew that his best bet was to see a doctor, but even thinking about calling to make an appointment embarrassed him deeply, so he decided to put it off. He thought he looked fine as the bandage and baggy shirt seemed to do the job fine for now.

After giving up on the internet search, Adam checked his email to see a message from an ex-girlfriend from high-school. Amanda was Adam's first really serious relationship with a woman. Amanda was one of the most beautiful girls around with her wide hips and generous bosom and she made every guy take notice. Adam started off as friends with her in grade nine, before she had gained her womanly assets and their friendship turned into a high-school romance a few years later.

The email was short and to the point:

Hey Adam. Long time no see! Missed you, back in town for a break from school. Call me!

Adam read the short email and was ecstatic to hear from her after all this time away. He remembered being dearly in love with her and felt this email was a sign. He would ask her for a date so he could secure his re-found manhood. If there was a woman to prove your manhood with it was the beautiful and voluptuous Amanda!

Adam replied:

Hey Amanda! We should get dinner and have fun like we used to! I'll call right away!

Adam was very excited and gave Amanda a call immediately. She answered the phone right away and they set a date for that night.

Not wanting to wait around for the awkward moment when his mother would get home, Adam decided to get out of the house for the afternoon and spend some time at the mall before he had to meet Amanda. He grabbed his purse, ran downstairs, slipped on a pair of wedge sandals and walked out the door.

"Idiot!" Adam yelled to himself. He walked back inside, grabbed the essentials from his purse, slipped on a pair of loafers and left his house. Adam made a note to himself that he needed to be more careful.

Adam and Amanda had set a date to arrive at Lennie's, a dive that they had loved to frequent in high school. Amanda had arrived first and had already found a good booth far from the kitchen and bathroom. As Adam walked into the restaurant and spotted Amanda instantly as she was still as radiant and busty as ever. She spotted him, too, and waved him over.

"Adam, sweety!" screamed Amanda as she got up and gave Adam a big hug, "It's so nice to see you again," and then kissed him on the cheek.

"I missed you too, Amanda!" said Adam as he felt her large breasts push against his hidden pair. 'If only she knew,' Adam thought to himself.

Amanda looked sexy as always. She was wearing a short skirt and a tight top that showed off her ample cleavage. Her face was as radiant as always and Adam noticed that her makeup was perfect.

"You look great!" said Adam.

"Thanks, honey, you're as handsome as ever, but have you lost some weight?"

"Um- ah, why yes, I was terribly ill recently and you know how it goes, you lose some weight and some tone, but I'll get it back – I'm still hitting the gym," said Adam as he flexed his bicep, it was not as impressive as it once was.

"What was wrong?" asked Amanda.

"Oh, just a virus, you know these things, they just happen."

"I know, I had the flu pretty bad last year myself, but I got over it quick. So, what have you been doing with yourself these days? Have you been working? When are you going back to school?"

"That's a lot of questions, but, I've been, um, working, um, in retail, trying to save some money," Adam obviously didn't want to talk about that, "but I am going to start school again soon."

"Last we talked you were having a hard time getting a job, where are you working?"

Adam did not know how to answer the question as he always fumbled when he needed to lie.

"Oh, you know, retail, here and there-mostly moving stock around. Ummm, by the way, I love what you are wearing!" said Adam, changing the subject.

"Really? Thanks, Adam, I thought it was a little too girly, but I remembered how you always liked it when I dressed as feminine as possible!"

"I did. And I adore you shoes!"

"Just like the old Adam, always complimenting my wardrobe! That why I like you so much. You were like my boyfriend and my girlfriend in one!"

Adam blushed with embarrassment.

"Oh, you know I'm kidding, Adam. You're all man. You always knew how to treat a woman in bed, you paid special attention to me, remember?" said Amanda as she leaned in closer to Adam.

"I did?"

"You knew what a woman wanted. No one else since has been that wonderful," whispered Amanda as she looked Adam in the eyes suggesting she wanted more.

The waitress appeared suddenly, interrupting their moment.

At the end of their meal, Amanda suggested that Adam come back to her house.

"Adam, I'm not going to pull any punches. Remember how you said in the email how you wanted to make it like old times? Well, my parents are gone for the weekend and I'm a little horney, lets go back to my place and party!"

"Alright, let's go!" said Adam, eager to prove his masculinity with Amanda.

Amanda and Adam arrived at their destination and both seemed excited to get down to business. Wasting no time, Amanda began to kiss Adam in the foyer of her house. Adam reciprocated eagerly and began to put his hands all over her. Amanda could not take the anticipation and grabbed Adam by the hand and lead him to her bedroom. As Adam walked in he admired how pink and feminine it was and how he would like to decorate his room like this one day. With their clothes still on, they laid on the bed and began to make out.

Amanda suddenly got up and slid her top and skirt off, letting Adam admire the view.

"You're bra and panty set is so pretty. I love the way this lace underwire demicup looks on you! Where did you get it?" said Adam as he felt the fabric between his fingers.

"La Petite Femme, why do you want to know?"

"Oh, nothing," said Adam as he removed his top, forgetting about his bandage.

"Um, Adam?" said Amanda as she fell out of her passion for a moment. "What's that?"

"Oh, it's just – um, because of the virus, my skin became sensitive there, and the, um, doctor said I needed it. Don't worry, though, I'm fine."

"Oh, okay!" said Amanda, but she was a little worried. She noticed that Adam did lose some tone, lost some bulk and gained some too, but she didn't think it was that bad. It wasn't Adam's looks that attracted her first, it was his outgoing personality. Amanda had always felt like she and Adam shared a special bond like they were girlfriends. Amanda was still a little disappointed that Adam was not as athletic in build as he used to be.

Amanda had managed to get the dominant position and began to grind up against Adam, but she noticed that there was little reaction.

"Adam, you okay...down there?" asked Amanda.

", sorry, I guess I had a little too much to drink at dinner. Give me a moment, Amanda."

"Well, maybe I can help," said Amanda seductively as she wrapped her hands around Adam's manhood. She began to gently stroke but noticed no result, so she resorted to the next best thing as she placed the entirely of his penis in her mouth.

"That feels soooo good, Amanda," said Adam. He wanted to be turned on, but something was not clicking for him. He just could not get an erection. As a matter of fact, Adam could not remember that last time he had one. He suspected the hormones and cursed himself.

After a few minutes without success, Amanda gave up, looking a little frustrated.

"What's wrong, baby?"

"N-nothing, I j-just don't feel well. Believe me, I want this more than anything"

"Well, if things aren't working...down there, Adam..."

"No, trust me, I can do this," said Adam.

"Well, I'm still kinda of in the mood, but I have another idea. You've always made me feel so good and now it's my turn to make you feel good."

"What do you mean, Amanda?"

"You'll see," said Amanda as she disappeared into her walk in closet and then quickly reappeared with something that looked very frightening to Adam.

"What's that!"

"This, my dear, is my big strap-on dildo, and you're about to get a taste!"

"I-I don't know about this," said Adam.

"Adam, don't by gay. You know how many porno's I've watched where straight guys get it in the ass by hot chicks like me with strap-ons?"


"Tons! It's hip, we're young, we need to try things, right?"

"I'm not sure if...I'm ready for that."

"Nonsense, sweety. Look, all I got to do is lube it up and it should go in no trouble. You do want to make me happy right?"

"I guess..."

"Being penetrated feels so great, Adam. It's not just for girls, you know. Guys have that prostate gland for a reason. There is nothing to be ashamed of and since, ahem, you know what isn't up to the job..."

"I guess not. Okay, I'm in...I guess."

"Great," said Amanda, as she began to fasten the device and lube it up. She then bent Adam over a chair and began to slowly introduce Adam to his new pleasure.

"Ummmph," groaned Adam during the initial phase of warming up.

"It's okay, dear. This is going to feel great," assured Amanda as she continued. Soon, Amanda was able to insert most of the dildo into Adam and began to thrust. At first, Adam was in slight discomfort, but soon adjusted to the foreign object. Soon, Amanda began to thrust more rapidly and harder and to Adam's surprise, he began to like it.

"Oh, my. Oh, my god. That feels soooooo good, Amanda," said Adam as wave after wave of pleasure surrounded him. He again felt as if he was being enveloped in complete femininity and he liked it very much. His voice also began to take on a feminine note.

"That's a good little bitch," said Amanda in a sexy whisper, consoling Adam.

"I've never felt like this. Oh, it feels so nice and wonderful. Uuunmph," said Adam as he unconsciously began to caress his bandage covered breasts with his hands. He stroked and petted them in circular motions and this only served to enhance the pleasure. He also began to grind his rear into the dildo more vigorously.

"Does my little bitch like it," said Amanda.

"Mmmm, y-yes, I like it."

"Are you my little slut, Adam," said Amanda forcefully.

"Yes, I- I'm, Your..." Adam tried to resist, but the feelings were to great. He was losing himself again. His strong femininity had begun to take over for him.

"Answer me, bitch," screamed Amanda.

"I'm your little slut...girl. Please...Fuck me harder, Amanda! Umph, umph, aiiiii" cried Adam at the peak of his pleasure. As Amanda continued to fuck him, Adam climaxed hard. A jet of semen erupted from his flaccid penis and Adam moaned in ecstasy. At the same time, his bandage came loose, exposing his womanly breasts to Amanda as he collapsed onto her bed with a smile on his face.

Amanda went to Adam and began to caress him as he was still in a very warm afterglow.

"Um, Adam, do you like to wear bras and panties? Do you like dressing up like a girl? It's okay, you can tell me if you do."

"What a weird day, Amanda..." said Adam, still in a haze with his guard down.

"I know you have always desperately wanted to be like me, right Adam? I can see that you are growing your own pair of breasts. Just like me. You want to wear lingerie, dresses, skirts and wear makeup just like me. You don't just like women, you want to become one, don't you?"

"I don't know," said Adam, starting to sob.

"But you do like the feeling, don't you. Otherwise, you wouldn't have pumped your body full of female hormones, right?"

"How did you know?" asked Adam, coming out of his trance.

"I've always known, Adam. Always. I've seen the way you look at my clothes. I've seen the way you admire me. Not as a sexual object, but as an ideal. I just knew. I could tell. I love you as a sister, Adam. Do you understand?"

"Yes. I've been taking hormones. Yes, I like wearing the bras and panties, Amanda. A part of me thinks it feels so good."

"I'm so proud that you've been taking hormones, Adam, but you don't need to hide it anymore. You're beautiful."

"I wasn't hiding it for a while, Amanda, but I got scared. I'm frightened to become a woman and approach the unknown. What will happen to me?"

"Worry about that later, Adam. We need to get you dressed up for bed. You looked so strange in those men's clothes. I think I have an old nightie that doesn't fit anymore. Do you want to wear it to bed?"

Adam nodded his head in approval. He was very tired and just wanted to get comfortable and to sleep. Amanda walked into her closet and returned with the pretty pink teddy for Adam.

"Here you go sweetie, let's get you ready for bed."

Adam slipped the teddy on. First, he sat on the edge of the bed and then he held the pretty pink teddy by its straps looking down into the leg holes. He carefully placed each leg through each leg hole. Adam then stood up, while still holding the slinky straps, and slowly slid the teddy up his legs. He felt a shock of smooth satin climb up and over his body until the teddy's bottom firmly gripped his manhood. He then, lifted the straps over his shoulders and began to walk to the mirror.

"Obviously, it's a little loose around your boobs, Adam, but you can grow into it one day."

"One day?" said Adam as he tugged at the loose fabric around his chest.

"Yes. If you're a good boy and take your hormones one day you'll have bigger breasts. It's all a matter of time, Adam."

"Do you think I'd look good with bigger b-breasts?" asked Adam as he pinched the fabric with both hands and held the teddy out as if to imagine what the teddy would look like if he filled it out.

"It depends. Some girls look better with different sized boobs. I'm a DD myself," said Amanda as she grabbed her chest and pushed her breasts up and squeezed them together, "but some girls look better with C cups. It all depends on how far you choose to take this, Adam. Have you considered breast implants?"

"Well, um, actually," said Adam as he thought about the embarrassing recent events at the lingerie shop.

"What is it, Adam?"

"I have to tell you something, Amanda. I've been working at La Petite Femme."

Amanda remained silent as Adam continued.

"Ive never told anyone how I've felt about this before but here goes, Amanda," said Adam as he sat down on Amanda's vanity chair and crossed his smooth legs, simultaneously adjusting the loose straps on his borrowed teddy.

"I'm here for you, Adam. This is what we call real girl-talk," said Amanda as she pulled a chair up next to Adam. The were both now facing the mirror as Amanda grabbed a brush and gave Adam's hair some much needed attention.

"Girl talk?" said Adam as he held his hand to his chest and slightly smiled.

"Go on," said Amanda, as she was brushing his hair.

"Okay, well, the moment we made love tonight, my predicament has become more clear. You see, when I first started there, I was a different Adam than I am now. I just wanted a job that paid well where the work was somewhat easy. Julie was already working there so she got me in. Gertrude, the owner, let me tell you, she is the most wonderful woman in the world. She's this older woman, really pretty, and she always dresses classy. Oh, and she always has the best shoes. She never wears the same ones twice, it seams. I'm so jealous. Anyways, it's like she saw into my soul the first time we met. Gertrude somehow knew something I didn't."

"What did she know?"

"Well, I've never told anyone this, but within the first week I was there, I started feeling left out."

"In what way?" asked Amanda as she was working on a tangle.

"Well, all the girls that worked there were so close. I mean, this sounds cliché, but they all go to the bathroom together, they shared makeup tips together and all that stuff. They seemed to have great, meaningful conversations together that just made me so envious. It was like they were all sisters!"

"Why did you feel left out?"

"Well, it's not like they were leaving me out on purpose or anything, but there's only so much you can talk about with a me. I couldn't just follow them when they went to the bathroom," said Adam as he saw his now more feminine persona in the mirror.

" started cross dressing to fit in?"

"Don't kid, Amanda. No, it was something different. I think Gertrude noticed my inner, un-revealed longings to belong to this group and took steps to make me fit in better. First, she made me wear these gorgeous high heels so I could know what it was like to walk in them like the other girls, and then she started changing my uniform to appear more feminine. She was integrating me into social group at the shop the best she could."

"So, Gertrude forced you to be more girly?"

"No, I always made the decisions. I chose to shave my legs, I chose to wear make-up and I chose to tuck my penis back after, it, um..well."

"What, stopped working? How did you get started on hormones?"

"Well, it was simple really. One day, I was feeling down and Gertrude offered me vitamins. The moment she said the word...I mean, the WAY she said it, in that classy voice of hers, I knew she was trying to tell me something. I had heard about guys taking pills to grow breasts and get softer skin to be like a girl's. I had a feeling these were them."

"Is that when you knew you wanted to be a girl? You knew what Getrude was doing?"

"Amanda, I still don't know if I want to be a girl, it's so confusing in some ways, but I knew that like the heels, the frilly bras and the tight panties, it would help me fit in better with this group I wanted to be a part of."

"If I were you I'd get a sex change tomorrow, honey. You're so pretty already."

"Amanda, I don't think you understand. It's not that simple. Let me finish. I thought that I had gone far enough in my transformation and integration with those girls. I was happy. Until one day, Gertrude offered me breast...i-implants."

"For free!?"

"Yes, she said they were a reward and a gift for my hard work there. But something felt so final about it! It's surgery, Amanda. To give me large breasts? I mean, it was so weird. And my mom walked into the store at the same time. It was so stressful and strange. I didn't know who I was anymore. It was like I was lost again. I haven't been back since."

"How long ago was this?"

"Not very long at all. It's been a strange couple of days, let me tell you that," said Adam.

"You know what I think, Adam? I think you need to be a woman. I could always tell there was something femme about you. You need to go back there and talk to this Gertrude lady and get your life back on track. You can't stay in the middle forever. You have to move on. I think you've found the real you, girlfriend!"

"I know, Amanda, but this is a big deal. What would my dad think? And my grand parents? What if I go to a high school reunion?" said Adam as he began to tear up a little.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. You know how emotional I can get sometimes," Adam said as he wiped a tear away, "I just don't want to be a freak."

"Baby, I'm sure you make a beautiful girl," said Amanda as she finished playing with his hair, "see how cute you look in pigtails and a nice teddy?"

Adam giggled at his reflection in the mirror.

"How about tomorrow, I get you all dolled up and we prove to the world how good you look as a chick!"


"Yeah, really! We'll get some clothes for you and everything."

"Well, I already bought clothes. I have lots of bras and panties. I just haven't had the gut to try too much else of it on," said Adam.

"First thing tomorrow, we're going to your house, girl, to get you all dolled up. It's time you started living?"

"You're right, Amanda. Thank-you."

"I love you, Adam, you're like my sister now" said Amanda as she hugged Adam, "things will get better."

"It's late, Amanda. We should get some sleep."

As Adam and Amanda cozied up in her large bed that night, they were no longer lovers, but friends. Girlfriends.

The next morning, Adam woke up before Amanda and decided to get dressed. Since he knew Amanda had nothing that would fit him, he decided to get dressed in his regular boy clothes. Only this time, he didn't bother to strap his breasts down. He took a look at his dressed self in the mirror and decided he didn't like the way he looked, but he would have to wait until he got home to get into his girl clothes stash.

"Now to do something about my hair," said Adam to himself as he sat down in front of Amanda's vanity and brushed his hair out.

"You should put a little makeup on as well, sweetie," said Amanda as she rose from bed. Adam admired her pendulous breasts as she sat up. At the same time he was attracted to and admiring her. He wanted to make love to her and be her at the same time. He quickly put those thoughts aside.

"I just wanted to get dressed real quick, Amanda," said Adam as he tilted his head, "Do you mind if I borrow your heels?"

"Not at all."

"I'm going to head home and get something...more appropriate on. You know, something more girly, I guess. Do you mind picking me up at my house in a few hours, Amanda?"

"No problem. Gives me tones of time to get ready. What did you want to do today?"

"I just want to go out dressed as a girl in regular girl clothes. I've been collecting them in my closet but I haven't really had the guts to really go out in public. I just want you to be with me, Amanda."

"No problem, Adam. You get going and I'll be over at your house in an hour or so. I'll figure out something fun for us to do."

"Cool! Amanda?"

"Yes, Adam?"

"Do I look enough like a...girl right now?"

"You're beautiful."

"Thanks," blushed Adam, "as he found his stuff and went on his way. As he was wearing no brassiere or strap, his breasts bounced youthfully in his boy's shirt He would have to no go home and face his mother again.

Adam clicked his heels as he walked into his house. His mother, Gwen, had noticed his entrance as she was enjoying her morning coffee and approached him. The last time Gwen saw Adam he was wearing his boy clothes and even though he was wearing the same thing plus heels, the way he wore then and the way he moved gave Gwen a completely different impression.

"Oh, Adam," said Gwen as she got up and walked to Adam with her arms open.

"Mom, it's okay. I had a bit of an awakening," said Adam as he hugged his mother.

"I'm so proud of you Adam. I'm so glad you accepted your inner self."

"I still don't know who I am yet, mom, but I'm willing to try to find out. This is all just so weird. Look mom, I have breasts," said Adam as he pointed to his chest.

"I know Adam. I know you're becoming a girl. I feel like it's my fault, but Gertrude's been talking to me. Oh, Adam, I understand. How couldn't I?"

"It's okay, mom."

"Adam, you need to call Gertrude back. She and the girls at the store are worried sick. She told me to tell you, 'The offer still stands.'"

"Maybe' I'll go see her today, mom. You know what the offer is, right?"

"Yes, Adam, I do, but it's okay. It's all a part of being a woman. And if you want to get the final....uh, sex-change, I'll support you, dear. Even now, in your boy's clothes, you look like my...little princess!"

"Mom...don't call me a princess," said Adam embarrassed.

"No, it's okay, you're beautiful. It'd be a crime for you not to be beautiful."

"Just understand that this is all too new and strange for me, mom. Give me time."

"I know, I'm just trying to help."

"Listen, mom, I need to get ready. Amanda is going to pick me up soon so we can go out."

"Yes, of course. Do you need any help getting ready?"

"Relax, mom. I'll be fine."

"I'm sorry, sweetie, it just feels like...well, you might be my...daughter one're just so pretty. I feel I have so much to teach you. Mothers usually teach their daughters so much at a younger age. I remember when my mom came shopping with for a first bra and showed me how to put it on. I just..."

"Mom, I can put on a bra. I've had these for a while now. I've been wearing lingerie for months now. I can also strap my garters and lace up my corset! Who do you think picked those bras our for your birthday?," said Adam still feeling strange.

"Oh, I don't want to embarrass you, dear."

"It's okay, mom. I love you," said Adam as he let go of his mother's hand and ascended the stairs to his bedroom.

Adam entered his room with an almost exact idea of what he wanted to wear. He wanted to feel just like a girl. He had been collecting underwear and clothes secretly for a while now and had a small but respectable collection...for a boy. The first thing he did was find the blue bra and panty set he wanted to wear. He purchased his bra for himself when his breasts were slightly smaller but the delicate piece of underwear fit fine anyways. The next thing he did was bind his penis with tape and slid his panties on. He then went into his closet and grabbed a skirt and top he had been dieing to wear. He admired his look in his small, boy's bedroom mirror.

"Not bad, but my face looks so boyish," said Adam as he exited his room with his makeup bag and hollered down the stairs to his mother, "Mom, is it okay if I use your vanity?"

"Sure, Adam. Do you need any help?"

"No, mom."

Adam stepped into his mother's bedroom and sat down on her soft vanity stool. Adam felt so womanly now. He took his time with his makeup making sure it was just right. Simple and classy, just as the girls at work taught him.

When Adam descended the stairs his mother was waiting for him. Even though he was wearing somewhat fancy clothes for a woman of his age, his mother treated him as if he were a princess.

"You look so beautiful, Adam!" cried his mother.

"Don't be silly mom."

But Adam's mother was right. He looked fantastic as he descended those stairs in his black heels. He small but visible breasts jiggled in his bra and his hair flowed. His months of working with women at the shop has also transformed his movements. Being submersed in women's work has made him subconsciously mimic his coworkers. No one would know he was ever a boy.

As Adam and his mother exchanged content smiles, the doorbell rang. Amanda finally arrived. Gwen ran to answer the call and let her in.

"Amanda!" cried Gwen.

"Gwen, it's so nice to see you again."

"Tell me about it. I haven't seen you since you and Adam were dating years back. You're just as beautiful as ever.

"Thanks, Gwen, you look great to."

"Well, we should get going, now," interrupted Adam, feeling a little anxious to get out of the house and try at being a girl in public.

"Where are you to off to," asked Gwen.

"Oh, I dunno. What about the mall, Adam?"

"Yeah, the mall sounds good. I could use a couple of new items. I mean, if I'm going to do this know, being a girl, er, a woman, maybe I should have more clothes."

"Adam, sweety, why don't you take my credit card," said Gwen.

"No, mom, it's ok -"

"No, really take it," said Gwen who had already reached into her purse and handed Adam her card, "just don't crazy with it. Get a nice dress or bathing suit or something. On me."

"Well, thanks mom," said Adam has be gave his mother a kiss and a hug. He would have cried if it didn't spoil his makeup. She never gave him her credit card before. Was this a small perk of being a girl?

"Alright, girls, have fun," said Gwen as she gave Amanda a hug and walked them to the front door.

"See ya later, Gwen," said Amanda as both she and Adam left and walked to her car in the driveway. Gwen watched as the beskirted Adam carefully entered Amanda's car.

"Ouch," said Adam as he sat down in the car. His tightly tucked penis had shifted and pinched against his tight panties.

"What is it?" asked Amanda.

"Oh, um, just a cramp," said Adam as he buckled up and Amanda drove away.

Adam and Amanda were driving to the mall in her compact car. It was a bright day and the weather was warm. The windows on the car were down and the wind was blowing their long hair around wildly.

"So, Adam, I've been meaning to ask you something."

"Sure, what is it?"

"Well, we're going to the mall and everything, and we're going to be talking. What if I see a great sale on panties or something and you're on the other side of the store? I can't yell, 'Hey, Adam, sale on panties!.' now can I?"

"No, I guess you can't. I actually have a nametag at work with a girl's name on it."

"What's the name?"


"I never pegged you for an Amy, what do you think?"

"I like it. It's cute. I don't think know if I'll stick with it, you know, if I ever make the...change."

"What do you have in mind?"

"I don't know yet. I don't even know if I'll... I guess Amy's fine for now."

"Alright...Amy! Man, that's so weird. Remember that guy Adam who used to fuck me?" joked Amanda.

"Amanda! Don't be silly," said Adam as he shrugged the joke off. He didn't show it, but it kind of made him feel weird.

Adam and Amanda eventually arrived at the mall. For all intents and purposes, these were two young girls going for a shopping trip at the mall. No one would ever guess what secrets Adam held in his panties and under his padded bra. As Adam walked into the mall, he did experience a little bit of anxiety. All of the sudden, he became completely aware of his clothing. He could feel his tucked and taped penis rub against his panties. He could feel his young breasts jiggle and push in the cups of his bra and the straps against his back. The breeze of the doors opening and closing in the foyer made his short skirt rustle, which made him feel a little vulnerable. One wrong move and someone got a free show. What if his penis came loose? What if someone recognized him? All this anxiety and fear was relaxed the moment Amanda grabbed his hand.

"Okay, beautiful, let's shop," said Amanda as she looked at Adam. This had the effect of emboldening him. Suddenly, Adam felt completely comfortable and that nothing could go wrong.

"Where to?" asked Adam.

"Let's go to M&H, they have some of the best stuff at rock bottom prices. It's a good place to start.

And with that, Adam and Amanda started their shopping adventure. Yes, it was an adventure for Adam. He spent the day in ladies dressing rooms and rummaging through rack and racks of skirts, tops and dressed. He marveled at the sheer variety of options that presented themselves to him. Whenever he as greeted, it was as 'ma'am' and nothing else. In fact, he and Amanda got many compliments from the ladies working at most of the stores and as they walked the concourse of the mall, they experienced their fair share of stares from men (and some women too). This made Adam feel a weird mix of awkwardness and pride. Even the bathrooms were a bit of an adventure for him. He almost walked into the men's washroom at one point before Amanda stopped him.

"Watch, it Amy," said Amanda, stressing his feminine name, "you don't want to walk into the men's room. You have to watch where you're going."

"Oh," said Adam as he giggled. He felt a little bad, as he had almost interrupted a streak of womanly behavior without being caught. As he entered the woman's restroom, he saw the machine which was full of pads and tampons, and subconsciously wanting to make up for it, he purchased a maxi pad.

"That time of the month?" asked Amanda sarcastically. No one else was in the restroom, so they were free to talk.

"I hope you're not offended, Amanda, I mean, I'm not trying to make a mockery of womanhood or anything. I just think it...make's me feel more womanly to have one in my purse," said Adam as they both walked into separate stalls.

"Nah, whatever makes you happy hon," said Amanda with an understanding smile.

Adan entered the stall and walked through all the steps of using the restroom as a woman. He pulled his skirt up and lowered his panties. Of course, Adam had to untape his penis. As he held his diminished penis down and relieved himself Adam has brief flash to a possible future where he wouldn't need to untape himself to do this ad he would be required to sit down, every time. As he finished and cleaned up down there he stood up and removed some tape from his purse. He spread his legs, leaned over and held his penis back with one hand and then with the other, he very quickly taped everything down. For the final piece his unwrapped his pad from the pink packaging and taped it to his panties. He then pulled his panties back up, smoothing over the front of his crotch with his hands and pulled his skirt down.

Amanda and Adam then met at the mirror to check their makeup and overall look. Adam refreshed his lipstick, tussled his hair and gave a kiss and a wink to the mirror.

"Not bad, Amy," said Amanda.

"Thanks," said Adam as he smiled at Amanda.

"Got your rag on?" joked Amanda.

"You...bitch," said Adam playfully as he covered his mouth, as if he couldn't believe he called Amanda a bitch, but she knew it was all in good fun.

"It's okay, a good maxi pad can feel comforting. I know you can never, you know, get a period, but I can understand, you know," said Amanda as she continued to check her look.

As Amanda and Adam were finishing up in the washroom, Adam noticed the way she paid special attention to her breasts. As a matter of fact, one of the things that was bothering Adam all day. Everywhere he looked, proud, large perky breasts were on display. Obviously, Adam knew that a part of it was corporate advertising telling him how he should look as a woman, but a certain part of him knew how important having sufficient breasts was to a woman. As Adam looked in the mirror the difference between his breasts and Amanda's was staggering. He didn't think he wanted breasts as big as hers, but something more respectable.

As Adam and Amanda left the bathroom and were preparing to leave the mall, Amanda suddenly remembered something.

"Shit, Amy, I forgot, can we go to Roderick's before we leave. I just need a new bra."

"Well...why don't we just go to La Petite Femme? I haven't been fired yet and I do need to talk to my boss. I can get you a big discount."

"Really?" said Amanda as she gave Adam a big hug. Adam could feel Amanda's large breasts pressing against his.

"Yeah, don't worry about it. I got things so cheap from there, sometimes even free. I probably have too much lingerie," said Adam, with a bit of pride.

"Oh, Amy, you're the best," said Amanda as she even started to tear up.

"Amanda, it's just a discount on bras, don't worry."

"Oh, it's not that. Let's just get to my car," said Amanda. She didn't want to tear up too much in public. As they entered Amanda's car, Adam asked again.

"Why were you crying, Amanda?"

"Oh, Adam, I'm just happy. I've known you for years, but it's like you're the whole new person. I mean, you've always been great to me, but as Amy, you're amazing. You're just so natural at being a girl. I mean, look at you. You're so pretty!"

"Amanda, I don't know what to say," said Adam as even he began to tear up.

"You're so beautiful as Amy, Adam. I know things aren't easy for you, but I'll be here for you," said Amanda as her tears began to clear.

"That means so much to me," said Adam as he cleaned his tears with a tissue from his purse. He had never felt closer to Amanda or any other friend for that matter. It made him feel warm inside.

"Okay, enough sissy girl shit," said Amanda, "let's get me a discount on that bra!"

"You got it," said Adam.

Adam and Amanda eventually arrived at La Petite Femme and to say Adam was a bit nervous was an understatement. As he entered the door with Amanda, Julie was there to greet him.

"Adam? Oh my god, you're okay!" said Julie as she ran to him. She was happy to see Adam in girl's clothes in public. She and all the girls were rooting for him to change over and they were dismayed when he ran out a few days ago, but this made her feel so much better.

"Julie, I'm so sorry," said Adam as he hugged Julie, aware of her large breasts pressing against his.

"It's okay, sweetie. You look great. Do I have Amanda to thank for this?"

"In a way," said Adam.

"Don't worry, Adam, you don't have to explain, "the only person you should explain to is Gertrude. She's been worried sick about you."

"You're right. I'll go to her office right now. Julie, can you show Amanda some of our bras and then set her up with my discount? I mean, if it's not asking too much?"

"No, problem, Adam."

"Oh, and I don't want to be a bitch about this, but when I'm in public, dressed up, can you please call me Amy?" asked Adam timidly.

"No problem, Amy," said Julie with a wink.

Adam collected his courage and clicked his heels to Gertrude's office. He had returned to his feminine birthplace. The land of frilly lingerie and silky slips was like some strange homecoming. All the lacy straps and stacked soft cups fortified him with the courage he needed.

He knocked on her closed door.

"Come in," said the familiar voice.

Adam entered the room. Gertrude's office was a haven of femininity from Adam's point of view. Behind the large oak desk sat Gertrude, entrenched in paperwork. Adam could tell she had been working hard, but she still maintained grace in spite of all the stress of running a successful lingerie business.

"Adam, I've been worried sick," said Gertrude. Her powerful but feminine voice filled the room.

"I don't know what to say," said Adam as he walked to her sofa. As he sat down, he smoothed the bottom of his skirt and then expertly crossed his clean shaven legs. As he sat there, staring at Gertrude with his doe eyes, extenuated by makeup, he was at a loss for words. Gertrude looked at Adam and saw the now beautiful young woman she helped created. In a away, she was his second mother, helping to birth Adam into his destined womanhood.

"Adam, it's alright, dear. Don't worry about the other day. I understand completely. You just look so lovely, Adam. Do you know that? You look as lovely as any of the girls in my store. As lovely and natural even, as some of my models. Do you know that?"

Adam was drinking it all in. He didn't object to the comments. He didn't know what to say either. Gertrude stood up and walked over to Adam as if she were admiring and analyzing her own art. She sat next to Adam, crossing her legs.

"I like what you've done with your hair. And your clothes. A little revealing, but cute. Oh, Adam, with a little more time, you could be even more beautiful. I can help you, you know that, right? I know the best doctors and I can fit you into the best lingerie and clothing. Why, I would even want you to model my lingerie. No one would ever know about you, why, they would have no reason to object. You'd be admired by women and lusted men. Did you ever think that one day, there'd be a picture of you on display downtown. An ad of you in my newest lingerie and a man would walk by it and it would give him excitement. Did you ever think that a picture of you could have that much power?" said Gertrude as she almost whispered these words.

Adam found Gertrude's words very powerful. They were exciting in more ways than one as he felt his mind circle with feminine hormones and his tightly packed penis slight stiffen in his panties.

"Adam, it would a shame to waste such good material, wouldn't it? Admit it, you weren't happy as a boy. You may not be able to see it now, but trust me, would I lie to you?"

Gertrude stood up and walked to her door, locking it. She then walked to her cabinet and removed a large pink box with her store's logo on it. She handed it to Adam.

"I want you to try this on, Amy," said Gertrude stressing the name.

Adam opened the box, it was the most exquisite set of lingerie he had even seen. He couldn't wait to try it on. Adam stripped to nothing and began to put the lingerie piece by piece. The first thing he did was reach for the delicate thong panties. He slid them up, making sure his penis was not visible. He admired his behind in the mirror for a moment and then reached for the garter belt and expertly fastened it around his waste. He then slid the stockings up his legs. He did this as he sat next to a mirror so he could admire his now silk covered legs. He fastened the straps to the garters and slid his feet into a pair of heels that Gertrude provided. The last piece was the bra. He quickly slid it on but noticed something strange. Gertrude caught the look on his face.

"Yes, Adam, that's a large C-cup bra, I'm afraid. That's my newest lingerie and built to fit the models I hire. Everything else fits fine, from the looks of it. And with your pretty face, you can be unstoppable. It's just your...breasts, Adam dear."

"I, I'm sorry, Gertrude. I just...they're disappointing to me too."

"I know, dear. Surgery is a big step isn't it? It's frightening."

Adam nodded.

"I can tell you're worried, dear. But I've seen the way you look at the other girls' breasts in the store. Why I've even seen you hold large-cup bras to your chest when you thought no one was looking. You want larger breasts, don't you?"

Gertrude placed her hands on Adam's slender shoulders and gestured for him to sit back down. She joined him.

"My offer still stands. I know a great surgeon, dear. He can give you implants and make them look real. They'll look better than the ones in the smut I'm sure you used to pleasure yourself to as a younger man. And just think of the power you will have when you have larger breasts. It's no secret, Adam. Women with larger breasts to attract more attention and are able to get things...done."

Gertrude then stood up and began to undress. She removed everything except for her underwear and for a woman in her middle years, she was still a knockout.

"There's nothing unnatural about implants, Amy. See, I have a pair and they look perfectly pretty in by silky soft bra, don't they? Wouldn't I look silly if I had small underdeveloped breasts like yours?

Gertrude leaned in closer to Adam and then began to kiss him, deeply. She was sucking him deeper into womanhood with each breath they shared as their lips locked. Adam gasped. He liked the way Gertrude was making him feel. He felt as if he was under a spell, but there was no spell, just Gertrude using her own ability to seduce people into believing things. Things that people didn't even know they really wanted. But it was hidden in them, and Gertrude knew how to get it out.

Gertrude gently pushed Adam so he was now laying down on the large couch. Gertrude reclined right next to him. She was in complete control. Adam's breast jiggled as his back hit the couch. His face was flush, his pupils dilated and his lips were darker. His mouth was slightly open as he gasped in a girlish way. Gertrude continued.

"There will be pictures of you wearing this lingerie, but we'll fill you out. We'll make sure you get some tits to press against the inside of these lacey cups. Every man on earth will want you. Do you like the sound of that?"

Adam only gasped and looked into Gertrude's eyes. He could feel his tiny penis pressing against his panties. He hadn't ever been this excited. Gertrude could sense that Adam wanted something. She reached down into his tight panties and freed his small penis and testicles from their taped prison. She pulled down his panties and with her index finger and thumb began to rub the head of his small penis.

"We can fix this too, Adam. We can make this into something beautiful. I know the best doctors for that as well. Did you ever consider having a vagina, Adam, did you? You wouldn't be burdened by packing it away all the time. Have you ever thought about going all the way?"

"Y-yes," said Adam.

"That's a good girl. A good girl. We can make you into a princess. Did you know that? Did you ever want to know what it would be like to pleasure a man with your own vagina? To be able to tighten your new vaginal muscles against some man's member and allow him to come inside of you? Wouldn't it be just grand? To spread your legs and give pleasure to a man by entering into you?"

"Mmmm, hmmmm," trembled Adam.

Gertrude continued to pleasure Adam's tiny member as Adam began to climax. As he came his body felt surrounded by waves and waves of pleasure. Adam came in a feminine manner as a small jet of semen exited the tip of his penis. It was hardly a drop. Gertrude reached into her jacket pocket and procured a handkerchief. She wiped the drop of semen from his lower stomach and then gave his penis a quick wipe as well. She then pushed his genitals deep between his legs and pulled his panties up.

"There. All done. Do we feel better now that we have everything settled?"

"This is all so strange," said Adam as he seemed to awake from a haze.

"That's because you're starting to see things clearly. You're now one of my beautiful models, Adam. I have some paperwork here that I want you to sign. It details a commitment for breast surgery at the very least, my dear. What do you say?"

"It's all so fast," said Adam. It was all happening so fast. Just a moment ago, Gertrude was twisting Adam's erect penis between her thumb and forefinger and now she was all business.

"I'll take care of everything. Just sign it, Adam"

Adam did not want to disappoint Gertrude again. He stopped hesitating and signed the paper with his birth name.

"If you ever decide to change your name, I'm sure we can have this contract amended, alright dear? Now let's get you dressed. I have more work to do." said Gertrude.

"Okay, ma'am."

"You can keep those panties on but I'll need the stockings bra and garter back. Here, let me help you with your bra." said Gertrude as she helped Adam dress. As Adam finished getting ready, Gertrude handed Adam a card.

"What's this?"

"You'll report to that doctor tomorrow for your consultation. This is the finest doctor in the state. He'll make it so one look at you and men are coming in their pants."

Adam laughed uneasily..

"Breasts. Real breasts," said Adam as he placed the card in the purse and checked his makeup and hair in the mirror.

"Yes, now run along dear. I'm very busy today," said Gertrude as she opened the door for Adam.

As Adam entered the shop proper, he was greeted by Amanda who had a bag full of lingerie in her hand.

"What took so long, bitch," said Amanda with a smile.

"It's a long story."

...To be continued. (One can hope)

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