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Rated "PG" for sexual content.


  1. Slow Change

  2. Process Transformation

  3. Identity Loss

  4. Total Male to Female

Comic Book. 38 pages. 6x10 inches.

  1. 170+ panels in color

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Full-color 38-Page Comic Book by Joe Six-Pack

A Sick Puppy Press Comics Publication

Garrett, John and Nick are three college students who’ve signed up for a vague ”experiment.” The terms seem simple enough. They’ll be living in a simulated house environment for six months, cut off from the outside world. They are told no more than that.

When the doors shut, the boys are in for their first surprise - a stowaway. The women in charge of the experiment refuse to comment about it, so the boys have to figure the fourth member of their house is just part of the exercise, whatever it may be.

As the days go by, the three find the living easy. Food and drink are provided for them, they have TV, no obligations and are being paid thousands for just sitting around the house. Which is something young men are very adept at.

A virus then hits the boys, and they begin to lose large amounts of weight. They think that maybe their clothes are being switched out for slightly different ones every day. They can’t find anything to cut their hair...

What kind of experiment is this, anyway?

The worlds’ first full-length, full-color, hand-drawn, slow-transform TG comic book!

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