Boys Will Be Girls

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Boys Will Be Girls

Post by joe » Sun Jul 28, 2013 3:07 pm

This is the spot for feedback on "Boys Will Be Girls," Sick Puppy's first graphic novel.

No spoilers, please!


Re: Boys Will Be Girls

Post by Nicho » Mon Jul 29, 2013 3:11 am

I do have some criticisms. It's not necessarily about this work but just sixpacksite in general. I feel the content on the page leans heavily towards mind control,
maybe that's suppose to be the case, but I am not particularly fond of mind control. Just something to think about.

When it comes to the comic itself I don't know, story feels kind of weak at times, the motivation of those involved in the feminization never becomes clear for example,
or why they have no bulges in their bikinis lol. Mostly bought it because KK had written something again (yay), though I wished it was a continuation of Blondies lost summer ;).

I do prefer the story format to the comic format though.

But I would say it's a good comic all in all.

Hope Sixpacksite will come up with something new in a storyformat soon.

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Re: Boys Will Be Girls

Post by as64 » Sat Aug 03, 2013 2:12 am

and this is called you can never please everyone. In my case I will not download a work that doesn't have the hypnosis tag and usually even when it has it I'm wishing it did more to show how the hypnosis/mind control is being done. I personally really like transformations in general but I like a combination of physical and mental transformation shown in detail. While there is tons of physical transformation things mental transformation is usually nothing more than abra kadabra poof you have a new mind. One thing I like about the site stories is that they have far more (and better) mind control stuff than most other sites with similar content do.

As for the story I liked it a lot. The details of the transformation is much much clearer than nearly any other work I've ever seen and certainly clearer than any non-3d comic I've ever seen. Would I have liked more details? Of course I would, for example specific details on how the injections work or the fully hypnosis process. However this stories is miles above what I usually see which I'm very pleased about. The motivation might not have been the strongest but to be honest I'm a little tired of series where the motivation is utter selfishness and/or sadism which seems to usually dominate this category so I'm kinda glad for a change of pace. However you're right though that it does seem to go out of it's way to avoid anything that could be viewed as adult content except where absolutely necessary.

I'll take a comic any day over a story. Not that I have problems with a story but there are already a ton of sites that are devoted to just stories and have nearly no comics. In fact the second criteria I have for downloading a story is an image to page ratio of 1:3 cause I find that any less than that and I can't stay interested in the story (unless I really really like it) and if I'm paying for something I want to make sure I keep my interest in it.


Re: Boys Will Be Girls

Post by Nicho » Sat Aug 03, 2013 10:07 am

I would disagree with there being "tons" of physical transformation stories, most storysites I have seen mostly have mental transformation in them as well. But then I guess if you need to have pictures, you haven't read those.
And this is the site I'm on so ;). I'm merely a customer forwarding my wishes. (In this case less mental transformation....not saying it should disappear, just that most stories have it. And yes, mental transformation can also
be good, it's just that I don't want every story to be about it.)

And personally I think story format is better, since it gives you a larger story, but yes, the pictures are nice as well. And that's why I bought many stories from this site as well. This was the first comic I bought though.

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Re: Boys Will Be Girls

Post by as64 » Sun Aug 04, 2013 5:34 pm

Well then you and I must be each going to the wrong sites... or what is more than likely you and I have different views on what counts as a Physical transformation vs a Mental one. This is something we can probably argue back and forth for a month but it's kinda pointless cause we'd probably not agree. In this context I consider a physical transformation anything done to a person that changes their appearance which includes but not limited to bodies shape, clothing, voice ect. I only count something as being a mental transformation if something is specifically done to change a person's thinking preferably (but not only) via hypnosis or subliminal. Hence for example I would not consider something where a character is forced to dress up and discover he actually likes it as being a mental transformation but I see it categorized that way all the time.

Further I never said that there wasn't a lot of mental transformation stuff (or at least things claiming to be) nor did I say that I needed pictures to enjoy a story. What I did say is that stories usually do a very poor job of describing in detail an actual mental transformation to the reader usually cause they are so preoccupied with describing the details of a physical one. Another example, many stories I see tagged as having a mental transformation simply have a magical being snapping their fingers and turning a person into someone completely different. While yes I suppose that would count as a mental transformation it certainly doesn't describe it well.

In fact most sites don't even bother to categorize mental transformations very well and are happy enough to simply throw them all under one tag which makes it a real pain to find ones that suit your taste. One thing that I really appreciate that Joe did was acknowledge that when a story does have a mental transformation it deserved just as much attention as the physical one. In fact the sister site tgstorytime is the only story site I've ever seen to go out of their way to categorize different mental transformations (and physical ones) clearly into different categories. I will concede however that I generally don't like stories told in like first person since sometimes it's very unclear how exactly the mental transformation is occurring.

Lastly I'm not sure which sites you were referring to but if they were pay sites than you are right that I do need to have pictures or a very very good indication the story has exactly what I'm interested in. I too am just a customer forwarding my wishes ;) (In this case more mental transformations) and while I am more than willing to go through 1000 no picture stories on a free site only to find 3 I like I am unwilling to pay $1 for each of those stories only to find that I wasted $997. My comments about needing pictures was only in reference to stories I'm paying for since even if I don't like the story I usually like the pictures.


Re: Boys Will Be Girls

Post by Nicho » Sun Aug 04, 2013 8:06 pm

Well, I made a quick calculation on what sorts of stories there are. (Just the ones in store)

On stories tagged mind control, or stories I know there are mind control in them like Little Miss-ter Popular, there were 29 with mind control.

On stories just physical like surgery and hormones. There were 5.

Then there was 1 magical and 1 crossdressing. That I really couldn't fit into either.

Also there were 2 stories I weren't sure of. Wrongs make right and a little to clever.

So obviously Sixpacksite is leaning heavily towards mind control. Which means I have a point.

(KK should make a sequel to Blondie's Last Summer anyhow) ;)

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Re: Boys Will Be Girls

Post by hugo » Tue Aug 06, 2013 11:37 am

Would definitely like to see more stories in graphic novel format in the future. Really gives an opportunity to see the transformation slowly progress. However, similar to my comment on Blondie's Lost Summer, I felt like the transformation really jumped from slightly to SUPER feminine over like a page or two. I really like to savor every change, so the quick change was, once again, kind of disappointing.

Like Nicho, I'm also not the biggest fan of mind control/enslavement type stories where the end result of the transformation is to turn the transformee into a kind of commodity, either as a made-to-order wife or as a corporate mascot or whatever. However, if that's what Joe likes to produce, I'll certainly take it.


Re: Boys Will Be Girls

Post by Nicho » Tue Aug 06, 2013 3:56 pm

hugo: Well, just remember there are many more artists/writers than Joe. That's why I found it a bit weird with so much mind control


Re: Boys Will Be Girls

Post by Nicho » Tue Aug 06, 2013 4:04 pm

hugo: Oh, and one more thing, about Blondie's Last Summer and this comic.

Let's face it, Fraylim is great at drawing, but you might have a point that there was a quick jump in the story in breast size for example, I mean, it looked like they were growing for a while,
then they suddenly went from huge to small.

When it comes to Blondie's Last Summer I found it weird that Carl didn't have larger breasts when he reached his aunt (considering both his mom and aunt has large racks in the comic),
and it's also stated he has been on hormones for "months in advance". I don't know if there were testo blockers in all that, but his penis shouldn't stop working without testo blockers,
(considering what I read about HRT anyhow). My only problem was that there were some obvious inconsistencies in the story, like at one time his breast size is D, and then DD and so on.
Also was a bit strange that he could get such great shape so quickly.

Yes, I over-analyze much I guess. I do hope that Joe, KK, Fraylim and the others are reading this though. I love their work, it's just these little things that bug me =P.

I also don't like stories that are kind of open-ended. I want to know what happens to Carl after this for example. If he has the genetic trait for large breasts like his mother and aunt
they should grow even more. (Over-analyze again lol).

Anyhow. it's good work on these projects from everyone involved.


Re: Boys Will Be Girls

Post by Lula » Tue Dec 03, 2013 1:54 am

This story was great. So many good illustrations and they turned out super sexy. I wanna see a prequel of tracy becoming a girl.

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