Shop 'Til You Drop / Fashion Victims

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Shop 'Til You Drop / Fashion Victims

Post by joe »

This is the place for feedback to the Sick Puppy Press story "Shop 'Til You Drop." No spoilers please!

Sissy Demi

Re: Shop 'Til You Drop / Fashion Victims

Post by Sissy Demi »

I enjoyed the expanded story from Shawna Stimple's (Lauren bliss) original tale. While the art doesn't always match up exactly with the prose, it is not jarring and anything by Fraylim is fantastic. I particularly enjoy the attention to detail when describing the various outfits, make-up, and other accoutrements being foisted on the various boys throughout the story.

A bit of warning, however: As with most crossdressing/TG tales of this nature, a strong suspension of disbelief may be required. This is an absolute fantasy story taking place in the psuedo-real world of high school, home life, and a typical mall. Fun and enjoyable!

There are some typographical errors of which the editors have been informed, but other than one somewhat humorous one (to myself, at any rate), they are not overly distracting. Unless, that is, you are sensitive to such things.

I would hazard to say those who enjoy any of my writing or cartoons would enjoy Ms. Bliss' story.

I recommend this book.

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