Rated "R" for language  and sexual situations.


  1. Pop Culture

  2. Age Regression

  3. Character Change

  4. Surgery

  5. Mind Control

Book. 78 pages. 6x9 inches.

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AKA "Swindled into Skirts"
by Joe Six-Pack

A "Tales of Transformation" Story

Kyle Eastman had finally taken possession of his family’s mansion, and had moved to southern California to live in it as he fixed it up. Surely, it would fetch a big windfall when he was going to sell it.

Across the street is the Beta Alpha Epsilon, a hard-partying sorority known for it’s big parties and smoking hot sorority sisters. As Kyle gets to know his boisterous new neighbors, he meets a TV reality show starlet who is one of the sisters of Beta Alpha Epsilon, and is spellbound.

Kyle starts to make big changes to his life, as he adapts to the image-conscious southern California lifestyle, losing weight, changing his wardrobe, having his hair professionally done, tanning, and so much more. So much more.

Thanks to some help from his company’s therapist, Kyle is very comfortable with making these changes, and surprisingly okay with wearing makeup to enhance his new image. Even a dress doesn’t seem to phase him. Then, when offered to take it to the next level... Does he take it?

Kyle is so consumed with his changes, he never stops to ask himself if he’s being manipulated. Is there someone behind it all? How could someone benefit from turning the 35 year old man into a woman? And most importrantly, how far will it go?

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